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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Tuesday 2/14/17 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring BGG

Pablo says to NWBeauty(12:08 PM):


1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:09 PM):

That's why I'm on the beaches of Texas lol

NWBeauty says(12:09 PM):

I lived in London 18 months Ontario

NWBeauty says(12:09 PM):


Pablo says to NWBeauty(12:09 PM):

Where are you now?

NWBeauty says(12:10 PM):

one of my besties out of Saudi landed in San Marcos I keep saying I will go ...

NWBeauty says(12:10 PM):

Pablo...I just posted a picture of my view of Mt SPokane

NWBeauty says(12:10 PM):

I'm not giving grid coordinates though

Dr dave says(12:11 PM):

or where you stash your dinar?

NWBeauty says(12:11 PM):

it's in a safe

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:12 PM):

You'd love San Marcos

NWBeauty says(12:13 PM):

I love the desert and my son took orders to 29 so I'm going back as often as I can C'MON RV!!!!!!!!!!!

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:13 PM):

29 Palms?

NWBeauty says(12:13 PM):

we lived there 96-04

NWBeauty says(12:14 PM):


1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:14 PM):

Spent 6 years there. Best part of my life

NWBeauty says(12:14 PM):


1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:14 PM):

well call it the Stumps

NWBeauty says(12:14 PM):

I can't wait to go back !!

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:14 PM):

Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree area NICEEEEE

NWBeauty says(12:15 PM):

I worked 10 feet from the Commanding General's desk 2 1/2 years His gal Friday

Dr dave says(12:15 PM):

I wanna place in the SanDiego region

NWBeauty says(12:15 PM):


1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:15 PM):

That's crazy. I used to do Colors right outside that office

1bobby says to Dr dave(12:15 PM):

Now your talking!

NWBeauty says(12:16 PM):

in those years? 1999-2001

(12:16 PM)golfguy was kicked out by golfguy!

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:16 PM):

Early 80's **** I'm old

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:16 PM):

meant darn. Sorry BGG

NWBeauty says(12:16 PM):

That was 13 years ago today

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:16 PM):

Semper Fi

NWBeauty says(12:17 PM):

in Palm Springs He was a Major when he died 9 years ago

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:17 PM):

Sorry for your loss. Very appreciative of his service

NWBeauty says(12:18 PM):

and there's my son !!

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:19 PM):

You have a family to be proud of. He state side?

NWBeauty says(12:19 PM):

I've got to go price some travel overseas for contracts ... the Colonel needs ###s

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:19 PM):

gm :)

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:19 PM):

are you talking of so calif

NWBeauty says(12:19 PM):

at Camp Johnson Home 2nd week of March Embeds in 29 mid March

1bobby says to NWBeauty(12:19 PM):

Have a great Valentine's Day and Ty for stopping by

NWBeauty says(12:19 PM):

see ya

1bobby says to larrykn(12:20 PM):

I'd live in San Diego if I could afford it lol. Of course it's been 30 years since I was there

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:20 PM):

I live 100 miles from san Diego , was there a few weeks ago

1bobby says to larrykn(12:20 PM):

I just remember a bridge, someone cutting my hair and people yelling at me

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:21 PM):

yes good old pendelton lol

1bobby says to larrykn(12:21 PM):

I used to go into Mexico a lot from San Diego

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:21 PM):

yes been there done that too lol

1bobby says to larrykn(12:22 PM):

Pendelton was a vacation for me lol MCRD scared the heck out of me

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:22 PM):

what is MCRD

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:22 PM):

sorry I was army

1bobby says to larrykn(12:22 PM):

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:23 PM):

O that place lol

1bobby says to larrykn(12:23 PM):

Yeah my recruiter lied and told me to bring swim trunks

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:23 PM):

I just remember my boot camp days yecks

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:23 PM):


1bobby says to larrykn(12:24 PM):

I asked him about surf boards and he said it was standard issue

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:24 PM):

I understand

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:24 PM):

don't forget the walks on the beaches lol

Dr dave says(12:26 PM):

packing your 60 lb lunch.....

larrykn says to Dr dave(12:26 PM):

O yes, nice sunny days slight breeze :D

1bobby says to larrykn(12:27 PM):

lol oh those breezes. And swimming with that 60 lb lunch Dave

larrykn says(12:28 PM):

those 12 miles strolls :D

1bobby says to larrykn(12:31 PM):

total fun. I trained with the army for 3 month at Ft McClellan. Now that was some heat!

1bobby says to larrykn(12:31 PM):

I think it closed down

larrykn says(12:32 PM):

I never saw heat lol just cold an more cold

1bobby says to larrykn(12:32 PM):

No thanks on the cold. Gimme heat anyday

larrykn says(12:32 PM):


Dr dave says(12:35 PM):

you cant escape from the extreme heat and humidity...give me cold any day ...just put on that parka

(12:35 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

larrykn says to Dr dave(12:35 PM):

I spent a winter in so Korea, you don't want that believe me

larrykn says to Dr dave(12:36 PM):

I was cold even with the parka lol

Dr dave says(12:36 PM):

Lived a year near Alaska

larrykn says to Dr dave(12:37 PM):

I found once my feet gets cold , I'm done

1bobby says to larrykn(12:37 PM):

Abbadi: reject drag country to infighting and projects Division of Iraq was grave [extended]

2017/2/14 20:44

[In Baghdad]

Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, rejected attempts to drag the country "to infighting over the demonstrations.

Abadi said during his weekly press conference Tuesday: we don't want our marginal issues and dragging the country into infighting ", adding" peaceful demonstrations, but were there infiltrators tried to hack the clashes occurred and who did they pull it off and do not hold security forces casualties because they protect us ".

He expressed regret for the casualties in Saturday's demonstrations "and warned" any attempts to trap between the citizens and the protesters and some media were enticing against security forces and will not tolerate her and her goal to save aldwaash either from ignorance or knowledge. "

Abbadi stressed "the inalienable right of peaceable and law abiding by locating demonstration and taken steps to preserve them and to prevent the use of the weapon outside the State," pointing out that "demonstrations affect the performance of the security forces."

He noted that "who were firing rockets is not directed at Baghdad do not mind to detonate car bombs and detonated and share" terrorists "traitors" understanding detection.

The Prime Minister also called for "mass organization of events to detect at these missiles not only condemn if they said that they had no control, they're like a crowd and not get paid for orientation and wrong."

"There are five dead caught in demonstrations of military and four civilians, among them" death certificates to victims speak that they didn't kill the shooting alive but as tear gas or plastic releases. "

And liberalization of Mosul "Prime near-perfect preparations for editing right side and soon will start the process," adding that "victory is near, review try to exploit the people as human shields and call on citizens to cooperate and our first safety infrastructure.

"Denied having any problem with the International Alliance to edit the right side and there is no undo, but I was getting support from the former" stating that "delay the process regarding the timing for the benefit of the combatants and citizens, and the enemy lose daily draining its resources and killing its elements."

He noted that "Edit blast southwest of Kirkuk there was talk around and put several plans to release it but figured other priorities such as editing the Fallujah and Ramadi" and Peggy plan to free the Mosul operations before the town was not then time but will soon begin editing and not forgotten. "

Abbadi stressed that "the new us Administration confirmed assigned to Iraq and got a phone call with President Donald Trump confirmed continued support for Iraq," pointing to "received an invitation to attend the Munich Security Conference in Germany next week to discuss the security of the world and we will meet on the sidelines of the leaders and heads of State including Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other leaders.

To "discuss with the US President Iraq coverage to ban entry to the United States and acknowledged that Trump abuse of Iraqis and said he would send Foreign Minister to deal with this trend."

1bobby says to larrykn(12:38 PM):

"Our unity and our institutions are immunity to prevent outside interference, and us hostility between Iran and America but countries would help Iraq in the war on terror."

And invitations to create territories Abadi, said that "an Iraqi constitutional issue, lawmaker law either talking about dividing Iraq it was the tomb of this idea, the Iraqis fought together and we have a national Iraqi army."

The Prime Minister said, "Iraqis kobroa altakseem projects and some politicians warn that they are rejected by riots" areas "not afraid of dividing projects and there is a general atmosphere against them and not see a regional movement in this direction and States".

Abbadi noted that "there is an unjustified delay of goods at border crossings is a deliberate delay walkmark for corruption."

BGG says(12:39 PM):

Good afternoon :) This is Mrs. BGG , Mr. BGG is working on my computer...

BGG says to 1bobby(12:39 PM):

Thank you for the News!

BGG says to 1bobby(12:39 PM):

Thank you for copying!!

1bobby says to BGG(12:39 PM):

You betcha

1bobby says to BGG(12:39 PM):

We like you better anyways lol

1bobby says to BGG(12:40 PM):

and Bobby gets fired!

BGG says to 1bobby(12:40 PM):

Awe, he is the better half!! Mr. BGG is amazing!! :)

1bobby says to BGG(12:41 PM):

yeah he is :)

BGG says to 1bobby(12:41 PM):


1bobby says to BGG(12:41 PM):

you ain't too shabby yourself

BGG says to 1bobby(12:41 PM):

He is a genius with computers!! So am hoping he can fix the computer! :)

1bobby says to BGG(12:42 PM):

Don't ask Doug. I heard he's terrible :)

BGG says to 1bobby(12:42 PM):

Well thank you and give God all the Glory!! It's absolutely becauase of His Grace & Mercy!!

1bobby says to BGG(12:42 PM):


BGG says to 1bobby(12:43 PM):

Doug is a gift from the Lord!! :) Know you are just funnin...this room is great with their sense of humor!!

1bobby says to BGG(12:43 PM):

Yeah he's good people.

BGG says to 1bobby(12:43 PM):

How's the facebook group doing?

BGG says to 1bobby(12:44 PM):

You & Pat rock over there!!

1bobby says to BGG(12:44 PM):

FB is good. Spend too much time on there and ya need rehab

BGG says to 1bobby(12:44 PM):

lol (lol)

BGG says to 1bobby(12:44 PM):

You are free in Christ! :)

BGG says to 1bobby(12:45 PM):

The facebook group & this room is a real blessing!!

1bobby says to BGG(12:45 PM):

He accepts me. Shakes his head every now and then, but he understands

1bobby says to BGG(12:45 PM):

Yeah with both sites, you get ALL the news and then some

BGG says to 1bobby(12:46 PM):

Yes we have News overload!! There is plenty of News!!

larrykn says(12:47 PM):

The dollar stabilized today at 1277 dinars

Views 39 Date 02/14/2017 - 21:15

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Recorded foreign currency markets in Iraq, on Tuesday morning, a stable dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar.

And record the market price at the Stock Exchange in Baghdad struggle at 1277 dinars to the dollar, ie, 127 thousand and 700 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The buying and selling of the dollar in the prices of banking companies were:

The sale price of the dollar to 1282 dinars, ie 128 thousand and 200 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar to 1272 dinars, ie 127 thousand and 200 dinars for one hundred dollars.

foreign currency:

Euro world price: 100 euro = 106.25 dollars

LB Universal Price: 100 lbs = US $ 125.48

Turkish Lira Global Price: $ 100 = 366.00 TL

US $ 100 = 130.35 Australian dollars

100 US dollars = 130.48 Canadian dollars

US $ 100 = US $ 139.05 NZD

BGG says to 1bobby(12:47 PM):

Yes He does!

BGG says to larrykn(12:47 PM):

Good afternoon :)

BGG says to larrykn(12:47 PM):

Thank you for the News!!

BGG says to larrykn(12:48 PM):

This is Mrs. BGG, Mr. BGG has been working on my computer :)

larrykn says to BGG(12:48 PM):

GA how it going you better now :D

BGG says to larrykn(12:48 PM):


BGG says to larrykn(12:48 PM):

yes blessed :)

larrykn says to BGG(12:48 PM):

O ok your letting him on your computer, I'm sorry lol, JK

1bobby says to larrykn(12:49 PM):

That's funny

BGG says to larrykn(12:49 PM):

No he's fixing it!! So thankful he knows about computers he's a genius with them...

BGG says to larrykn(12:49 PM):

Glad he's letting me on his lol

larrykn says to BGG(12:49 PM):

he can fix that later lol

BGG says to larrykn(12:49 PM):


larrykn says to BGG(12:49 PM):

I'm in a rare mood today lol

BGG says to larrykn(12:50 PM):

well great to hear! :)

1bobby says to larrykn(12:50 PM):

That was even better lol

BGG says to larrykn(12:50 PM):

enjoying the journey

larrykn says to BGG(12:50 PM):

always :)

BGG says to larrykn(12:50 PM):

(y) :)

BGG says to larrykn(12:51 PM):

it makes it nice to laugh giggle along the way... :D

BGG says to larrykn(12:51 PM):

and there's a lot to giggle about :D

larrykn says to BGG(12:51 PM):

yes it is , I love having fun

BGG says to larrykn(12:52 PM):

(y) this room is great about that!

larrykn says to BGG(12:52 PM):

most of the time yes :)

BGG says to larrykn(12:52 PM):


larrykn says to BGG(12:53 PM):

an then again you do have bobby1 :D

BGG says to larrykn(12:53 PM):

yes bobby1 do you have a one-liner for us? lol

1bobby says to larrykn(12:53 PM):

Yeah but I have an excuse, they have me on meds

BGG says to 1bobby(12:53 PM):


BGG says to 1bobby(12:54 PM):

digiman usually brings in a one-liner...lol

larrykn says to 1bobby(12:54 PM):

I was wondering about that :D

1bobby says to larrykn(12:54 PM):

DIGI is a classic

BGG says to 1bobby(12:54 PM):


1bobby says to larrykn(12:54 PM):

No need to wonder......it's true

BGG says to 1bobby(12:54 PM):

So do you'all have facebook humor on the Facebook side...

larrykn says to BGG(12:55 PM):

I got in touble yesterday :(

1bobby says to BGG(12:55 PM):

Yeah FB has some interesting characters. I've seen 1 post have over 100 comments of back n forth fun

BGG says to 1bobby(12:55 PM):


BGG says to 1bobby(12:56 PM):

The long threads are a lot of fun ecspecially when they get going...

larrykn says to BGG(12:56 PM):

I'm the one that started that .05 comment sorry didn't know it would go all over

BGG says to larrykn(12:56 PM):

in here?

BGG says to larrykn(12:56 PM):

not sure what you are talking about so no worries lol

futuremoney says to larrykn(12:56 PM):


BGG says to futuremoney(12:56 PM):

Hey there!

BGG says to futuremoney(12:56 PM):

Good afternoon :)

1bobby says to larrykn(12:56 PM):

I saw that. peeps jumped on it!

futuremoney says to BGG(12:57 PM):


larrykn says to 1bobby(12:57 PM):

yes the did, I couldn't believe it lol

futuremoney says to larrykn(12:57 PM):

poor Woodie got burned at the stick...

BGG says(12:58 PM):

bbiab.... (})

larrykn says to futuremoney(12:58 PM):

didn't read that one

larrykn says to BGG(12:58 PM):

cya later :)

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