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Gary Larrabee - One Who Knows Gives us an Update on GCR/RV Intel

Published on Jun 28, 2017 Richard, The One who knows: Intel, Healing, Warning, Contact, Book, Intel - ONLY One RV 6/28/2017 There is o...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Montague Keen: Mankind’s Slavery is Coming to an End

Montague Keen – Mankind’s Slavery is Coming To An End – 6-27-17

Mankind’s slavery is coming to an end. It has taken time and great effort to get the right people in place on both sides of life and to enable them to work together as one unit. We have done this and it is proving to be successful in removing the controls that enslaved humanity. The control systems were put in prime locations. We required special energy codes to remove them. Our success on the 15th of June was remarkable in itself. This was quickly followed by our work on the 24th June which took three days for complete activation on your DNA.

Humanity is being freed one step at a time. This is a very important operation that cannot be hurried. Its success is assured. It has been in the planning for many years but it could not be hurried. The timing had to be right. When Veronica activated the Lia Fail at Tara, and activated the tumbler lock three years ago, she began the process of the awakening. All the blockages had to be located and removed. They were all over your world. The locations where knowledge was hidden from you had also to be found, and the knowledge released to humanity. I have asked Veronica that a record of all this work is kept so that a complete understanding of what was done to humanity to bind them will be available. This is history in the making.

Obviously your controllers are not happy with our work and so there was another attempt on Veronica’s life on Friday night [23rd June]. Her survival is a testament to her determination to complete her work. She is still very weak and is having problems recovering her strength. We protect her but sometimes it is not enough. The Cabal’s technology is beyond your imagination. Our work in preventing their plans for the complete takeover of your world makes them very angry.

Your eyes have been opened. You know who they are and what their plans are. There is no hiding place for them. Their confidence is being eroded and they are very angry that this should be so. They are learning that money will not buy them what they want. Humanity is blocking their plans which is something they never anticipated, so there were no plans to deal with this situation. When your DNA is restored and activated you will become who you are. You will be a force to be reckoned with. These individuals who took all that you had from you, will hide in fear of you. They will plead for mercy. Do not be fooled, as they will not change their ways overnight. They are what they are. Trust has to be earned.

We asked for your assistance in helping the young man in jail in California. One young man in Ireland came forward. We thank him. Regarding our young man in C/A, it cannot be stipulated enough, how important his release is, and yet you hesitate to help. Another attempt by the Cabal will be made using an actor placed in his cell, to set up yet another scenario to intimidate him. Medicine will also be used to try to kill him. Has he not suffered enough in that hellhole. He is their trump card against you. While they hold him, you cannot be completely freed. It is as simple as that.

The secret organisations use ancient Black Magic against humanity. They are assisted by off-world entities. Those that you are told are there to protect you, do the exact opposite. Their vaccination and drug-based medicines do not assist the human body. Why do you still trust them. They were designed to destroy you. All the secret societies are involved in your destruction.

Research the truth, who you are, and your history; not what you were taught. Their lies have held you captive. How can you still believe governments which use chemtrails to slowly kill you, poison your water, and force chemically-produced food on you in order to ensure that you become zombies. They have removed NATURE from the agenda, yet you still put your trust in them. Are you so mind controlled that you cannot see what is being done to you and who is doing it.

This is the best opportunity that humanity has ever had to free itself. Are you willing to make the effort to do so? When you combine your energy to restore humanity to what it should be, it will happen. Are you too busy being mind controlled by your TV and newspapers to care?

Connect with your soul to find who you are and remove all the false notions that are put out by TV. You are souls in a body, NOT a body with a soul attached. Remove all the false beliefs that religions have imposed on you. You do not need any religion to connect with Source.

Religion was invented in order to remove your direct connection with the Source. This gave these religions direct control over you. By accepting this direct control, you abandoned the Source and lost your connection, and you have wandered in the wilderness ever since.

My dear, you need to regain your strength. That attack was brutal and it was intended to kill. They are driven by their desperation to hold on to the Earth. It is so good to work together for the good of humanity. I thank all who assist you. They are all part of our team.

We will succeed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Source: Higher Density

Sheldan Nidle w/ Alexandra Meador: Coming Changes, There are No Rules

SHELDAN NIDLE, ALEXANDRA MEADOR – Consciousness, Coming Changes – There Are No Rules – All is Flow – 6-27-17

Galactic Connection

Published on May 9, 2017

Sheldan Nidle has been in contact with several ET races and the Galactic Federation of Light since he was a child. He is well known in our community for decades, and his weekly channeled messages from the Sirians are eagerly awaited and regularly posted on the Galactic Connection Daily Blog . This one-hour interview is followed by a presentation of Alexandra’s two new product lines of sacred alchemical oils and essences designed for this intense pre-Ascension phase we are presently experiencing. This tumultuous and promising chapter in our lives is also the primary topic of discussion here.

In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldon Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released.

Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth. They ponder whether we will be taken aboard the ships or into Inner Earth when Gaia experiences her great changes. Despite some uncertainty about the modality of our planetary transformation, Sheldan and Alexandra emphasize that the victory of light over dark forces is already sealed. They also agree that Nibiru does not present any present danger, and that there is no cause for existential fear and dismay about any of the coming changes, but quite the reverse. Joy and celebration are most appropriate.

Sheldan discusses how the galactics have been keeping the worst abuses and catastrophic intents of the Illuminati in check, while allowing Earth’s inhabitants and starseeds to effect those planetary and political changes whose responsibility they took on with this incarnation. He also gives an overview of the future roles and tasks of our galactic ‘mentors’, once the ‘landings’ have commenced, or we are taken aboard the ships. The inner earth Agarthans also will play a major role in these events, according to Sheldan.

A great deal of the conversation revolves around Sheldan’s deep understanding of physics, both the true physics of the universe taught by his own galactic contacts, and also the mistaken views of conventional science. In fact, the world is much simpler than our arcane and complicated scientific disciplines make it out to be. Sheldan is writing a new book on consciousness, the most profound and fundamental aspect of our many worlds, and the basis for all physical manifestation. Here there is but one rule, he says: there are no rules. Rather than the hard and fixed objects of our Cartesian paradigm, in reality, Sheldan says, speaking of the energy that lies beyond matter, “everything flows.” Or at least, it should. This is our birthright; it is what we all once knew and it is that which now awaits us, with New Earth.

Sheldan Nidle’s website is

Gary Larrabee - One Who Knows Gives us an Update on GCR/RV Intel

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Richard, The One who knows: Intel, Healing, Warning, Contact, Book, Intel - ONLY One RV 6/28/2017

There is only one RV (Revaluation) going to happen. In the old days we used to think that there were going to be several groups of currencies revaluing such as First Basket and second basket etc. But now, it turns out that EVERY CURRENCY IN THE WORLD will revalue at the SAME time. Some will go up, some will go down, and some will stay the same. But, once this Revaluation (GCR) ends, there will be NO MORE revaluations. In other words, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, etc, will all change now, if they are meant to. It is a ONE SHOT World-Wide Revaluation, resetting of ALL values of EVERY COUNTRY all at once.

Intel- Phone Number Directory

When the 800#s come out, it will NOT be just one phone number, it will be a directory of every country. You look up your country, and you will find the phone number you are supposed to call. So when it is time to call, it will be easy for anyone to find the number they are supposed to call no matter what country they are in. EASY!

Intel - Zim

Cabal Disinformation is showing its ugly head again. I saw some post on IDC that said you shouldn't mention your Zim when you are calling in to set your appointment. What could be more stupid than that? That is the one you should mention FIRST. Frankly, if you have Zim, no other currency you have matters by comparison. Not only should you mention the zim you have, you should also mention zim Bearer Checks as well. They will also be redeemed even though they are "out of date."

Intel- HB

Not only should you mention any of the 5 major currencies that you have such as the zim, dinar, dong, afghan etc, you should also mention any Historic Bonds you have. Technically, they should have been "Claimed" a long time ago, for redemption through a different process, but if you did not do that, this is your last chance to get them redeemed. These are old Fed Bonds, Chinese Bonds etc.


There is a Healing Pulse that is now being broadcast from Hollow Earth. It is so amazing how it works. This is the preliminary Healing before the major healing pulse that will come after disclosure. While it does help everyone, it is especially intensified by calling for it. The more you call for it the more you can feel it. To call for it, simply "Acknowledge it, and appreciate it." Just say aloud or to yourself

"I acknowledge this Healing Pulse and appreciate it or you are grateful for it."

(Which ever you prefer) I know people like myself that feel it right away, in fact I am feeling it now as I write this. However, others did not feel it at first, but the more they called for it, the more they felt it until it was at full power. For best results, call for it throughout the day, and get your health back in tip top shape!


The Cabal have done their best to stop me from posting and communicating with you. You would be amazed at the things they have done to try and stop me. However, I have heard of their newest tricks. They are now posting as me, using my name "One Who Knows" and even using the pictures I use as well.

It will be up to you to "Discerned" whether or not the message in those posts is me or not. If it is fear based, and giving disinformation it is Cabal scum pretending to be me. Don't listen to it. At this time, they are trying harder than ever to delay the GCR.

There are only 2 places that I trust right now, to give you my messages. Those two places are:

Gary Larrabee (Video Channel)

When I give you a message on his video channel, you can hear my voice and know it is me. That makes this venue my most highly trusted source to get genuine intel from me. The next venue I trust is:
Ascension With Earth

He will only post "One Who Knows" from me. Every other place, could be corrupted by the scummy Cabal. We are in the final days my friends and I want you to get the truth and for now these are the only two places I trust.


This has been a long wild ride to get to the final end of the GCR. However, what is to come with ascension, disclosure, and learning how to use your God given abilities to control your own realities, will be very important. In that regard, I will be moving to my very own website, where there will be no Cabal scum, no lies, no disinformation. There will only be truth about Disclosure, the Republic NESARA/GESARA, Ascension, Enlightenment, Empowerment and the latest in technologies, projects etc.

Richard Lee McKim Jr. / One Who Knows / Star Fyer (Full Galactic Name) My Book & Audio Book

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Afternoon - 6.28.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Wednesday Afternoon, June 28, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts have been changed from top to bottom to bottom to top. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom to negate having to scroll down every time. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"Re: Who is Obama & How it All Works"

Entry Submitted by Light Being at 5:48 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

"Who is Obama & How it All Works" by One Who Teaches - 6.28.17

Zorra (and MANY others intimately involved with this process and key players) says Obama is NOT involved with this. He’s not some Pleidian or Sirian commander. Star Trek: TNG has more authentic disclosures than this contention has.

Sorry, but that reality exists only in the minds of some. Besides, I don’t want some body snatcher for real president, fake president, hero, savior, or whatever. Also, he’s a pedophile and who knows what else.

The secrecy of all this I can understand to a point, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s story needs to be inserted in the vacuum. It leaves some of us feeling violated.


"IRS is Finished, they are Done, it is No More"

Entry Submitted by Light Being at 3:05 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Dear friends from IDC

Do not believe the lies of this so call Dr Clarke, IRS is finished, it is no more.

these folks are trying to put you in fear, this IRS are calling everyone and they are saying you have committed a fraud this and that, threatening people, they know that do not have the power anymore, this is all they do to put in fear to everyone. Thank you

What a wondrous glorious and loving day it is!

"Where are you?"

Entry Submitted by Treetop at 1:50 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Yosep, Tank even Fisher? ANYONE with REAL info! Geopolitical, setrip or ed? ANYTHING to keep our sanity! There are some of us who need some "MEAT" to chew on!!!


"Bastille Day"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:05 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

To Yosef, wherever you may be:

If Trump is supposed to be long gone by July 14, Bastille Day, why are there preparations in France for his being there? Surely they must know what is going on?

Many thanks,

"A Brief Opinion about Mr. Obama as Earthling and Extraterrestrial" by KS - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by KS at 5:28 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

I said to myself, "Self, don't make waves; they'd say just shut up and accept it as gospel that Mr. Obama is a good Galactic."

We've been encouraged to use discernment, but I don't think that allows me to suspend my disbelief where Mr. Obama is concerned.

Simply stated, Mr. Obama, the earthling has a lot to answer for to the American people. One can take political sides and spin, but the fact remains, he did everything in his power to crash and burn America (and damn-near succeeded). Organizing for America seems to be on track to shout down and accuse those Americans they don't like as well, finishing the job the Organizer-in-Chief started.

If he were a demolition company, I would say "Well done, Mr. Obama."

Having said that...

If I were an extraterrestrial inhabiting Mr. Obama's being, I would get the hell out of there, so as not to be present when the plethora of investigations come to their inevitable and logical conclusions and charges begin to fly in his direction. In colloquial terms, his chickens will be coming home to roost.

Is it possible that the Extraterrestrials such a poor judge of character so as actually desire to assume HIS identity, and not be aware of anything more than his popularity, and the fact that virtually every tenth word on the Internet is "OBAMA"? I find it hard to believe the Galactics would be so poorly informed.

On the other hand, if the Galactics wanted to DESTROY America before taking over, they've found the right guy, but that kinda goes against the concept of Ascension, don't it?.

Just say it ain't so. I don't wanna cause no trouble, but someone's expecting us to either swallow a whopper, or digest the largest single most unpleasant truth elephant ever, and a bite at a time ain't gonna help much. I'll need some Rolaids, the chewy kind.

I want to ascend, but this isn't helping.

PLEASE, tell me I'm wrong. What was and is our admonition for the future: to DO NO HARM? Right? Am I right?

That's why this Mr. Obama stuff don't make no kind of sense, UNLESS THIS EXTRATERRESTRIAL ACTION AND COORDINATION ON EARTH IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THE TIMES HE SCREWED AMERICA OVER AS AN EARTHLING, and that is a stretch, to say the least...

I wish us all well; not here to offend, only to understand. Please don't send the black helicopters and SUVs for me.

Big shout out to Patrick, Yosef, One Who Knows, et al, for getting us to the finish line and beyond. I love you guys and this beautiful community.

I hear crickets; I'm alone with this opinion, aren't I?

Submitted with gratitude and humility,


P.S. I love everybody, including Mr. Obama, alien or otherwise...

"In Response to MW" by K - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by K at 5:20 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

"Cool your Jets!" by MW - 6.28.17

In response to your comment: These babbling excuses for currency holders who apparently don't study the situation and take note of what is actually happening in Mosul are only stirring the pot.

I may not be the only babbling currency holder, but although I don't know as much as you, I do study! Your references are helpful and appreciated and I sincerely thank you.

This excuse has been through tons of trees and gallons of ink, but I must confess foreign currency and international issues are a bit taxing sometimes as I struggle due to a disability that will only enhance my ability to be a blessing to others when the time comes.

What I am trying to say is that some of us are stronger in areas where others may need understanding and help. While those we may have to help could outrank us in something we need their help to understand.

"The Truth of the 13 Skulls" by One Who Teaches - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Teaches at 5:03 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

The 13 Skulls are actually an Extraterrestrial Technology which through the Crystal, pierce through All Programming of the Mind and Open DNA itself to new ideas. The 13 SKULLS represent 12 planets and in the center, The Collective Consciousness. Within each skull is the Akasha aka Akashic Records of the Planet where it was formed. The magnetic electrical energy is transmitted from the skull when placed with the other skulls, and with the Ark Technologies transmits an energy to our Collective DNA all at once to raise the quotients of light & love held in our bodies. DNA Programming is both Magnetic (Love) and Plasma Consciousness (Light)... Liquid light & liquid love carried through our bloodstream to Activate the Heart beating and Nerve Cells to light the path for the Body-Mind-Soul, to enliven our lifestreams (lives we are living). Ascension in the body means you are then able to End your life and Go on to the next Life as you see fit. In your own time & deciding.(the end of "death" as we know it.)(Your soul You does this) The 13 Crystal Skulls are now placed as 12 in the circle with the largest, the 13th in the center. The Stars represented in these carved skulls are: ThePleiades, Arcturus, Antares, Andromeda, Procyon, Lyra- Vega, Virgo, Orion, Draco's, Ursa Major & Minor,(Bear), and Sirius. (My home!) The 13th skull connects ALL Knowledge from the sacred planets (stars) (as you know stars and suns are lived in and on just as earth- The Sun you see daily actually has rolling hills, farms etc. The gases are only on the outside, the sun is hollow with star gates that are traveled through) together with the Ark Technology is how those one Earth will be able to handle the TRUTH that benevolent ETs have been working in their governments, and all segments of law enforcement, in order to give a helping hand from a good position they hold. This was necessary as the aggressive and powerful Group Mind of the Cabal/Elites stacked the deck against humanity, for themselves. The 13Skulls positioned at Potala Palace in Tibet, an opening to Inner & Hollow Earth, are Key to connect both civilizations with millions of ships which will be landing on Earth to bring support of technologies ad mentoring for ascending ones as the earth becomes the 33rd planet member in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. They spin and emit purple light as Oneness connects through them, downloading the Diamond Light Codes directly into our DNA Matrix of Consciousness.

***Know the Ashtar Command has taken over all the Draco/ Cabal inner earth tunnels they spent trillions on, and deep military bases and labs, and they will be put to use for the greater good of all after DISCLOSURE. Planet-wide high speed non polluting tunnels with ports under most major cities exist and will be available quickly after first contact. We will freely be able to interact with Hollow earth & their civilians also!!!

"Global 800 Numbers?" by Inner Worker - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by Inner Worker at 4:49 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Blessings to you all as we await the New World while working for our own and others’ awakening and evolution of consciousness. We must continue working no matter what transpires. No good simply waiting on the sidelines expecting miracles to happen to us and for us without our own efforts. The Universe will meet us halfway. There is a bigger picture to consider. We are all on this same boat, planet Earth, and we have a mission to accomplish here for all future generations.

Now my main question today: Apologies if I have missed something along the way, but, in relation to the GCR, will there be #800 numbers for each country? For example, I live in Australia. Will I be calling the USA or a local 800 number? And where will my exchange be taking place? Will I need to travel to the US or somewhere else?

~ Inner Worker

"Give us a Bone!" by Pat - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by Pat at 4:36 EDT on June 28, 2017

I've tweaked my humanitarian ideas, rewrote (several times) my family's introduction into what is happening (still think it sucks....will rewrite again), decided where to hold the coming out party for them, decided on a company name and website, made flow charts for employee needs, looked for the best place to put the LLC headquarters, got my haircut, cleaned the house, and steam cleaned the carpets.

Holy moly! The silence is deafening!!!

Then I start reading reports that no one in Europe knows of anyone exchanging. Gulp! Huh? I know there are plenty of Europeans on this site, and 3 have spoken up that there are no 800# out. Double gulp.

I would take a little fireworks and chaos on IDC, just for old times sake, rather than have to go back to shampooing my carpets and rewriting my business plan again.

Ack!!! Yosef, Tank, Fisher, ......give us a bone here! Maybe publish your grocery list. Something. We are going through withdrawals!



"Loud Silence" - GCR/RV Community Thought - 6.28.17

Yosef might be *silent*, but he's LOUD in his Presence.

Do you feel his holding the door open, even if it is just a crack, for us to catch a glimpse of what's beyond?

Do you see/feel us approaching the turn-off for the RV at the next exit?

"Sometimes I Need to Find Clarity" by P & K - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by P & K at 3:37 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Paul and I have read Dr. Clarke's post and the post by Winston Shrout. Both of these posts have introduced information that could be interpreted as possible reasons for delays in the release of the Blessing.

With regard to the RV having been released and that there have been exchanges globally, we are hoping that the topic of "taxes" has been posted as an F.Y. I. heads-up only and not related to any further delay. The questions we have concerning the "two-tier" Money System for the Private Side are several. We are also believing that if necessary to set up a "two-tier" system it could be done at any time due to the fact that all people are holding money and to introduce the new system it would have to include the financial holdings of the total population.

Paul and I appreciated finding that rates for 1st basket currencies, especially ZIM, might include a greater blessing from grandfather pending humanitarian projects. We felt that investing time and energy personally would be our gift as the idea of the RV became a reality of giving, blessing others, and blessing God. We also realized the experience was to become a blessing for ourselves and family as well.

The delays have had a purpose as the RV needed time to develop to fruition. These past few days have been exciting as the culmination of worldwide exchanges, announcements, celebrations, and affirmations brought the end to the long and difficult journey. At least those aspects we were aware of seemed finished according to reports that were read. How much longer would it take to irradicate all of the opposing forces from Iraq? I propose that it would not be anytime soon, if ever!

Once the exchange takes place, we intend to work with the bank and wealth manager and set up a scheduled payout. We understand we will be able to remain responsible for its disbursement toward humanitarian projects. In addition, we will be setting up Trusts and LLC's to accomplish planned projects intended to bless humanity and countless ways. If that is the intended structure for use and stewardship of the funds from the exchange, how would the "two-tier money system" effect our holdings? Why would the second level of a monetary system change the already "two" levels of investment we plan to engage in?

Would a "two-tier" Money System give the same amount of access to quarterly interest payments?

Hypothetically, with our funding already invested in an LLC level, a Bank Investment level, and then a Taxed level, wouldn't that make it a "three-tier" Money System. We were previously advised that as we "exchange" our currency or bonds and receive the actual value in return there would be no capital gains. We are understanding that we would be exchanged, for example, a $500 VND valued at $??? for $??? and there would be no capital gain. If later we placed the $??? into a Trust and received $??? yearly, the amount we received yearly would be taxable until the tax codes changed once NESERA was brought in. Has that changed?

During the time we have been learning about the ZIM and watched the rates rise, we wondered "why" as there was an incredibly high value associated with them that was going even higher! As Paul and I worked through the math, we discovered that past a certain rate it would be very difficult to spend so much money. Then we thought about the potential of "taxes" becoming attached to exchanged currency. The taxes collected could then be transferred to the Treasury for National expenses and debt. We believed that would be a good thing but hoped never into a cabal purse. To offset the loss of "project power" because of the tax liability all that would have to be done was request a higher exchange rate.

We've have asked a few questions and have explained several thoughts of what we understood about the journey toward the exchange finale. In addition, we can't see anything that would institute a further cause for delay. The plea for the ability to begin to bless people and the reality that so many folks are struggling and even stepping closer and closer to death's door outweighs any further priority to impose a delay. Humbly, we need to press on. Sincerely, P & K

"Who is Obama & How it All Works" by One Who Teaches - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Teaches at 2:50 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

President Obama is really & truly the 9th member of the Sirian Council of 9, and is over lighted in Oneness wit Ascended Master EL Moyra. He prepared many lifetimes for his role On Earth. Most of the good work he has done is hidden for now. He works directly with Ashtar and the Galactics & Starseeds working in Government, Military, Legal and law enforcement.(Federal Alphabet Agencies like NSA, FBI, etc) He only waits in conjunction with the others for a formal statement from the government so we can have first contact & for the TRUTH to be revealed. He is just like us in trying to understand life as it goes along, without knowing who you truly are. During his time as President he had to fight between the dark and light just as we have, not knowing who to trust, who had agendas, if you were doing the right thing. At some point he saw the light of truth and who was really running the show & could manipulate things to Look as if they were his decision but were not only having to explain what happened. There were points his life was in danger and a clone was brought in while he was safely aboard a ship. We won't know when he was told or became aware of his true identity, but chances are will we be told in the future at some point.

By OneWhoTeaches....Love & Light

"Cool your Jets!" by MW - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by MW at 2:33 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

These babbling excuses for currency holders who apparently don't study the situation and take note of what is actually happening in Mosul are only stirring the pot. Mosul is NOT liberated, yet. The Federal Police, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Task Force and the Iraqi Army are all working to liberate it. It's not done, point your browser to in the search box, type map and click the magnifying glass to the left. Scroll down half a page and you will see the latest map. They can party like it's 1999 in Mosul for much of the area has been liberated. However, the Old City remains stubborn, difficult, hazardous and full of on-foot, search every nook and cranny then shoot to kill activity in 100+ °F temps.

You can also use and as well as #MosulOps and #MosulOffensive to get the latest REAL news.

For the sake of Dinarland, please STOP posting that Mosul is liberated. The map shows that there's at bare minimum another 10 days. The Old City is unlike anything you've ever seen. No stop lights or stop signs. No sidewalks, no street lights. Streets so narrow that military vehicles don't dare go down them. This may or may not happen, and your insistence that it's right around the corner is bordering on being akin to CNN's obsession with fake news.


"Re: Two-Tier Monetary System" by Concerned American Doe - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by Concerned American Doe at 1:24 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Hello Mr. Shrout,

Winston Shrout: Toward a Two-Tier Money System

I wanted to respond to your article regarding a two-tier monetary system. I have a degree in business administration and worked in public administration and accounting, and by no means consider myself an expert. However, my initial very strong gut feeling is "no" to a two-tier type of system. It seems to me that one of the major reasons and advantages of NESARA/GESARA compliance is so that all monetary systems worldwide can compete on an equal basis, and eliminate the complications of constantly re-evaluating all currencies worldwide. So moving to a two-tier system would defeat part of the purpose of making the change in the first place, IMHO. Why create another complication which would just create more opportunities for someone to further manipulate through a two-tiered system? The idea has been for international business and people to be able to do business, more easily, internationally. Why create a two-tiered system which would eliminate possibilities for individuals to conduct business internationally? This, to me, seems like a way to continue a two-party monetary system, similar to the "elites" and "poor" that we have right now. Why would we want to negotiate anything like that once we are free of the elite's grip on us through the federal reserve? The point that you brought up about it possibly causing people to "buy American", seems to me might be the "result" from conducting business in the other "tier", or internationally, but is that what we really want? I say, one monetary system, gold-backed. Maybe I am missing something here. If so, I humbly apologize.

"Concerned American Doe"

"Re: Kryon-Bad News Coming in 2017?" by M - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by M at 1:10 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

Kyron - The Shift of the Century, Expressing Positivity in Beautiful Ways

(Title of Kyron's post was changed to a positive title. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

The title of this video is peculiarly most deceptive and probably being used as Click-bait. But I feel most compelled to comment that the NEGATIVE vibration in the title keeps people who wish to stay positive from giving it any their attention, and they lose the opportunity to hear a most beautiful, inspiring and uplifting message. I listened to the piece in its entirety and this is a purely 35:52 long positive message. It contains no bad news, nor warnings, no doom. Kryon speaks of the shift of the century, advising and inspiring light workers not to give away their power, but to activate it with their Pure Intention. We are the Children of God, let us act like it. This is not a new thing. God remains. We have evolved.

In Love and In Your Service,

The Story Behind the Hymn, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012

"Chapter 7 Going" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

It sure looks like they are telling us they are giving liquidity in cash! The Cash is not Trip Zeros be sure..~ MM

Samson » June 28th, 2017

Financial provides banks with cash Anbar

14:52 - 27/06/2017

The head of the local council to spend Khalidiya in Anbar province, Ali Dawood al-Dulaimi, Tuesday, for the Ministry of Finance to provide government banks to maintain cash liquidity after a more than a year break on the back of the security events in the province.

Dulaimi said in a statement / information /, "The Financial Treasury of the Ministry of Finance provided government banks that fall under the areas under the control of the central government's cash flow areas after more than a year stopped as a result of military operations and control elements of the organization Daesh on different parts of the province."

Dulaimi said that "the Ministry of Finance provided the Rafidain Bank in Khalidiya with cash as well as other banks are under the control of the central government."

He explained that "the objective of the government to provide banks with cash in Anbar aimed at addressing the phenomenon of the suffering of employees and retirees to receive their salaries accumulated."

MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

(Quotes From KTFA Conference Calls:(

"Remember … we told you … doesn’t it appear they are speeding things up. The auctions compressed the month of June for a reason
I told you it was 3 tranches of 30 days – because the IMF said so!

Market rate and official exchange rate … 2% in compliance.

Must hold international rate for 90 days to “reinstate” themselves. BINGO!!!

IMF 90 day compliance … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED … IMO.

The CBI has and followed all instruction." ~ Frank26

MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

If in fact the above is accurate, it portends, they are on time or early! As in before June 30th.. imo ~ MM

MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

That above link is dated 12/29/2016, close enough for me.. lol Now look at this qoute below.. Kinda get the picture?.. They will not be late, imo..

"“4. Requests the Secretary-General to report on implementation of this resolution no later than 30 March 2017 and with a final report three months after the transfer of any remaining funds pursuant to paragraph 2 to the Government of Iraq, unless otherwise authorized by the Security Council;

MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

This is saying it loud and clear in my view..Once the steps are fully implemented Chapter VII is over.. Gone bye bye.. That is end game and we are oh so happy! lol

JodysAngel » June 28th, 2017

Frank, I think when Abadi makes his announcement would be a great time to post the picture of the Angel that I sent to you. What do you think?

Frank26 » June 28th, 2017

Maybe ............... Tomorrow.

PMac » June 28th, 2017

That is some Legit real time reporting right there!! Now something about an announcement... ... ... COME ON ABADI!!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SAY LIBERATION!!!!

Frank26 » June 28th, 2017

HEY A !!! .......... Read my LIBS ......... i mean LIPS .............. LIBERATION !!!

Samson » June 28th, 2017

I copied this in May 2015 from a forum and kept it for my reference - hopefully it is correct otherwise my apologies in advance :

$ RATE = What you will see on Forex or CBI when it RV’s

$ .86 = 1.162
$ 1.00 = 1.000
$1.17 = 0.854
$1.86 = 0.537
$2.00 = 0.500
$2.50 = 0.400
$3.00 = 0.333
$3.22 = 0.310
$3.46 = 0.289
$3.50 = 0.285
$3.86 = 0.259
$4.00 = 0.250
$4.10 = 0.243
$4.40 = 0.227
$5.00 = 0.200

AnimatedRock » June 28th, 2017

June 11, 2017

Central Bank announces the existence of a tender concerning the new building, would prefer to come to the bank to receive

The last day will be the end of the official working day 06/15/2017

Another interesting article that shows up on the CBI new website.

Smilin4Dinar » June 28th, 2017

I'm wandering in their 'backwards' way of translation- is this saying that the 'old' CBI building will officially close on 6/15/17??? And that would imply that the brand new beautiful CBI building that we see on the website is NOW occupied and functioning? 
I am probably totally off here but that is what's i thought of when I read this article.

Samson » June 28th, 2017

The security services are having difficulty ending a celebration for the people of Mosul hungry

2017/6/28 12:02

Was held last night in Mosul, the effectiveness of the joyful feast in Mosul {} has achieved success undescribable, according.

The media war cell in a statement on Wednesday that "families Conductivity came out in the thousands, and packed Square celebrations and filled the stands and landed families to the theater and continued chanting and cheerful and reduce the middle of the night."

He said , "The families Conductivity lived the night of joy for the first time since the years so that the celebration schedule ends at 12 at night and we faced very difficult to convince people and families the end of the celebration because the convoy had another commitment."

"The security services had difficulty in ending the celebration because of the desire of the people and the joy coming Palmpadren from across Iraq to them, and then headed for the convoy to Qayyarah and Ojdo clans Jabour await them in the refinery Qayyarah and set them a dinner distinctive Arab hosted and lasted until three o'clock in the morning."

He noted that " the convoy is now on the way back to Baghdad after Zarah smile on the lips of our people in Mosul.

Don961 » June 28th, 2017

In remarks on the occasion of the anniversary of the return of relations between the two countries

Abadi: Kuwait and Iraq have provided a model to overcome differences

One can not conjure up a day anniversary of the return of the 13th Kuwaiti - Iraqi diplomatic relations , but recalls the relationship between the two neighboring countries as witnessed by the ebb and bar until he became an indicator for long years to draw the region 's history and an engine of international relations as a whole.

Nor does the eye on the joint Kuwaiti - Iraqi land border line overlook what they have seen the contradictions of looting and offered Those limits violated by Saddam Hussein 's army invaders in 1990 is the same as that passed by the day convoys of Kuwaiti aid to the north to provide support and assistance for displaced Iraqis in distress they Iqaron the forces of terrorism and extremism.

Also , the border that passed through that lighters set ablaze in Kuwaiti oil fields during the invasion is certain that passed through in the opposite direction fire equipment sent by Kuwait a few months ago to participate insuppressing the oil fields in Mosul fire.

A busy history of events and grief whenever persisted episodes brightened towards a new image of brotherhood and acknowledgment of the last gratefulness and overcome past missteps as if the geographical and social common destiny refuses to these two countries , but Arranged brotherly relationship is an example as described by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.
Ebadi said in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the occasion of the anniversary of the return of relations that although the former regime tried to be our relationship with Kuwait bloody abusive relationship but thankfully we managed today as two that turn the relationship into an example in the region and work to restore balance to those relations , we have succeeded in that to a large degree.

He expressed hope that an end to all outstanding issues between the two countries since the invasion of Kuwait ,including Kuwait's compensation only $ 4? 6 billion dollars was left file stressing Iraq's commitment to being a decision to repay internationalist duty implementation.

Abadi also vowed to end all other files with Kuwait, including the missing Kuwaitis file , stressing that his country is the Kuwaiti government provided a lot of information in this regard.

Abadi called for more cooperation between the two countries to overcome the rest of the belongings , stressing that Baghdad is ready for this cooperation to push the relationship between the two countries forward and to serve the interests of the two brotherly peoples.

He stressed that his government encourages Kuwaiti investments in Iraq , and urges more cooperation between the two countries in various other bilateral areas.

To see the legislative authority not differ in Baghdad to see the executive branch on the status of relations between Iraq and Kuwait , the first Valenaib Chairman of the Iraqi parliament Hamoudi said that the Iraqi - Kuwaiti relations have witnessed a marked improvement recently driven by serious endeavors of the two countries to improve it .

He praised Hamoudi this framework , efforts by the Kuwaiti leadership, led by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah , who was keen to be is among the first Arab leaders who visited Iraq after the change.

He noted Hamoudi efforts by Prince , which contributed to heal the rift between Iraq and Kuwait and said that his efforts have not only limited to the positive fruit on the relations between the two countries , but included all the peoples of the region.

He stressed Iraq 's desire to remove all remnants of the former regime and the stage of a solid foundation for relations between the two neighbors , expressing appreciation for the humanitarian support provided by Kuwait to the Iraqi people, especially in the area of school construction , a beautiful message for future generations.

In contrast , the Kuwaiti ambassador to Iraq , said Salem Zamanan fixed Kuwait 's position in support of the security and unity, sovereignty and stability of brotherly Iraq without interfering in its internal affairs and expressed hope that culminate in the efforts to achieve national reconciliation in this country 's success.

He pointed out that the participation of His Highness the Amir at the Arab summit held in Baghdad, the highest representation in the level of participation proof of Kuwait 's keenness on Iraq's return to its natural place in the region.

And he said that Kuwait has spared no effort to help Iraq and its people in all fields , noting the achievements of the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development of the establishment of 23 model schools in a number of Iraqi provinces , as well as allocated for the construction of the surgery hospital in Basra, which reached an advanced stage of completion Kuwaiti grant.

On the war on terrorism , the ambassador expressed his aspiration Zamanan Kuwait to celebrate with the brothers in Iraq to declare final victory over the organization of the so - called Islamic State (Daesh).

He explained that based on the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al - Sabah ,Kuwait was quick to extend a helping hand to displaced people in the governorates of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala, Kirkuk and Nineveh , as pledged in 2015 to provide $ 200 million to aid displaced.

He said the Kuwaiti aid also included the construction of 38 temporary schools to this day and to ensure that the number of orphans and the adoption of a project for vocational training for widows in the affected processing provinces mobile clinics and build tents and distribution of medicine and (blankets) , school bags and all , in coordination with the competent authorities in Iraq.

Turning Ambassador to the meeting , which was held in Kuwait late last April between officials of the Kuwait Fund for Development and the President of the Fund for the reconstruction of the affected areas in Iraq , Mustafa al - Hiti ,which dealt with what has been accomplished towards the convening of an international conference of development partners for the reconstruction of the affected areas in Iraq due to the war against terrorism.

At the political level , the ambassador said that the governments of the two countries broke off a long way in understanding, coordination and cooperation as the number of agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two countries to 53 agreements and memorandum as a result of the positive atmosphere and a firm desire and goodwill of the two countries.

The Supreme Iraqi - Kuwaiti Ministerial Committee held six meetings over the past six years in Baghdad and Kuwait alternately , the last meeting in Baghdad on the 28th of December last year 2016 under the chairmanship of theForeign Ministers of both countries, which resulted in the signing of four agreements in the fields of culture, industry, security and air transport .
Kuwait had resumed diplomatic relations with Iraq after the completion of the transfer of power to the Iraqi people on the 28th of June 2004.

Frank26 » June 28th, 2017

Daseh going .................. Chapter 7 going .............. Delays .............. Gone.
Does anyone have plans for tonight? ................... Say around 7 pm est ? .....(KTFA CC) .......... Just asking ........ (wink)

Archangel Uriel - Rapid and Tumultuous Changes

Published on Jun 28, 2017

"Greetings dearest ones! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, Bringer of the Future in this Now, Bringer of the Truth and Peace into your heart, your beloved friend and family, your companion at these times of rapid and tumultuous changes.

I am here to assist thee, to gently guide and softly direct you on the path of your Soul, on the path of the Light and Love, while you and the whole collective is being bathed, washed and cleaned by The Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

You are strong dearest hearts, you Know what is your next step, you do remember pieces of your Divine plan and have trust in yourself and in your sense of direction. You are the Champions of Love and you are the strongest of the strong! Have the courage to move on and step into the new, take action even when it seems to be something that had never been done in the past. Taking action in these times of transformation means letting go and surrendering to the flow of Love and not so much of doing something outrageous or dangerous.

Each and every one of you have different blockages and self imposed limitations, issues that you need to be made aware now, and that you have buried deep, deep into your unconscious and subconscious bodies and that you are slowly or swiftly releasing and eliminating. Take your time and go within your heart, see the Flame of Silver burning bright and sit there in serenity and peace with Me for as long as you need, to find out what it is that you are to work with at this time.

Ask questions if you wish, and be prepared to listen and absorb the information that comes to you and be assured that you will be given all that you are ready to comprehend and understand at this time! Do not be afraid of what you might find, and just because you have been locking these issues out of sight and conscious mind, it doesn’t mean that they are bad or horrible! Remember that you are Beings of Light, daughters and sons of The Mother/ Father, Mighty defenders of the Throne, and you would not have planned and decided to travel with anything that would be less than the brilliance and the love that You are!

You have been placing these memories and issues into a separate file and drawer so you can function in the world as it is until you became ready to tackle these old type of limitations. It may take some time or better said, a different approach to understand the multi-layered issues and how to let go of them, how to proceed next, for as you know, the higher you get on the spiral back home, the more tricky and confusing it may become, and at the same time your ego will attempt to stop you and he/she will seem to become more forceful and convincing in his attempts to take you off the narrow path of light."


By Genoveva

"Re: It's a Paid Government Protest" by SPA - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by SPA at 12:37 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

"It's a Paid Government Protest" by Reallucky1 - 6.27.17

Reallucky1, thanks for your response. I did not think that your intentions were to mislead at all. You immediately fessed-up, explained the circumstances, and I respect that. Let me just say I believe information of this type can cause all kinds of emotions in others, such as anger, frustration and downright confusion. Also there are many in other countries who are alone and unconnected. Untrue reports can create panic and feelings of exclusion. Being left behind. That was my main reason for pointing things out. These types of information can really affect others. Especially now.

I do know that it has been said London and other places were exchanging, even back to last year. Also, how many times has the rv started east to west? ......If that is the case, our brand new, split second financial system needs a tune up. Or maybe one of the hold-ups is what has been reported by S. Nidle, (I guess that is channelling), that delays are caused by hand counting and verifying of currencies. Who knows if there is some truth there. Either way I do feel there are things which still need to show up. They could appear at any moment in perfect orchestration. I do believe we will all go together. Or at least hours apart, not days. It is obvious this weekend is crucial and things are gearing up.

In regards to London, you are correct that many of the people are unhappy. It seems the UK, is being pelted with these false flags. There was a similar incident in France too. The government situation is less stable than before the election. The knifes are out for the Prime Minister due to incompetence. It seems more are waking up and the idea of telling people there is going to be attack over there, is no longer working. So when it occurs a few days later and the Commander in Chief says, "told you so!"..... "Now we have to curtail more of your freedoms", people are questioning that. The young and older alike. How did you know where and when? And why didn't you do anything about it? ...duh! ....There has also been election/coelition strain, Brexit tension and now Grenfell. Is this part of the UK press distraction campaign? ....Well if so, I didn't imagine such an operation would be warranted with so few currency holders. Perhaps there are much more than is perceived.

Now, I didn't comment on your other points because quite frankly, I'm not there. I am ready to step onto freedom road, so my vision is laser sharp and focused only there. I will say this however. I believe people have to be responsible for themselves. They will choose what they wish to read and their emotions are within their control. I would rather have some information, than none and I trust myself to make sense of it all. Sometimes I stand in agreement. Sometimes not. It is what it is! Everyone has to be catered for and there isn't a "one size fits all" solution. People must take what suits and leave the rest.

Trump? I have no time for bipartisan politics. I don't believe it is the future. It doesn't serve nor has never served the people. The young will not accept this type of governance and will checkout. Government can not continue in it's present form, so why waste time there? ...I believe we can find and do have better solutions.

The last point you made? ... Errrh! .....I chose not to comment on it as feelings were running high and I am not sure the people involved can see the obvious. I believe it was something that needed to play out and those who needed the lesson can choose to accept it, or not. I like what Sunny1 said today about demonstrations, of how not to be a lightworker. Lol! :) And I will also stand in none judgement and move on. I think there are some here, if not many of the silent majority who are a little more seasoned. Not necessarily in age, but experience. So they are not easily shaken nor stirred. During the past few weeks and seeing what was occurring, I kept saying to myself, "This is not my first Rodeo". And so when someone mentioned that in a post, it brought with it a smile.

There is always the possibility that what occured was some kind of intentional or unintentional psy-op. Who is to say.

I do believe you were spot on about a shift which occurred with a name change. Quite possibly 180%. That was clear all along. And that is all I have to share on the subject and in public.

So, in closing, I would like to say thanks for the gematria video. In the past I would indulge in that stuff and it was interesting.... Wink! I don't always agree with your points, but as long as people are courteous and well-intentioned, I welcome the balance difference of opinions bring. I would take that any day over total control and dictatorship :)

Have a superb day!


"Powerful" by Harmony - 6.28.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 12:19 PM EDT on June 28, 2017

My beautiful fellow travellers.

We have been so used for so long to giving our power away to others who would claim to know better, to have our best interests at heart.

We now know the truth of this.

We are all powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. Every single one of us. We can make anything happen if we wish it and will it.

Time to take back our magnificent power, to use it strongly and benevolently, to benefit our beautiful planet and all it's beings.

Believe in your own eternal power, and use it to bring wonderful and lasting changes.

Our time is now.

I love you all so much, and so happy to be here with you at this time.

Your soul sister, Harmony xxx

"Within a Day" - Wed. AM TNT Thoughts/News


Mosul is liberated technically we just wait for the prime minister's official announcement

Exactly elmer. Perhaps an announcement this evening or tomorrow

They have been celebrating across the pond for the last 24 hours nonstop that ought to tell you something ! We are witnessing a historical event right before our eyes

Pockets only remain at global and I understand the numbers under 200 as far as Isis is concerned and they're being picked off like flies

the citizens of Mosul have been capturing ISIS members and taking them out. They hate ISIS

I pray when the announcement is officially made, we have the RV then, or within a day. Notice I said "within"

#BREAKING #Iraq Joint Operations officially announce Hatar Al-Sada and Al-Ahmadyia neighborhoods in #Mosul Old city completely liberated.

The security services are having a hard time ending the celebration of​ the thirsty people of Mosul​modules/news/article.php%3Fstoryid%3D145431

Reckon they'll be a hoopla formal announcement or will they just be covert about it and slip it in under the news cycle???

timth Gm, I think it will come after EID. They are having their "private" party

EID technically ends today the 28th. Depending on the region between the 25th and the 28th ………Don't forget our 28th is their 29th

Iraqi forces pushed towards the river side of Mosul’s Old City, their key target in the eight-month campaign to capture ISIL’s de-facto capital, as Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi predicted victory very soon. “The victory announcement will come in a very short time,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on his website, IraqiNews reported. Iraqi troops have announced liberation of a Western Mosul district, as the forces pushed towards the river side of the Old City.

Prime minister Abadi is a very smart man and the stage has been set in a grandiose style I expect the announcement anytime any moment but not far away

"Impeccably Orchestrated" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts w/ Frank26, DELTA


DELTA » June 28th, 2017



FRANK: Thursday

SunnyDay » June 28th, 2017

Can we say wow wow wow!!!

SirenFire » June 28th, 2017

Tada freaking Da! Now lets see the rate post

MilitiaMan » June 28th, 2017

The timing is impeccably orchestrated.. It isn't going to be inhibitated from completion imo.. A good thing! Thank you!

Stranger » June 28th, 2017

June 26, 2017 Monday CC....Frank26: Annoucing Mosul … IMO … will be like announcing the RV because they are connected. We wait for an official we hope and pray

Frank26 » June 28th, 2017


Peggy68 » June 28th, 2017


TPNoble53 » June 28th, 2017

You mean after weeks of news articles saying "Liberation in a few days" . A FEW DAYS HAS FINALLY ARRIVED? OH BUDDY...TY DELTA

StephenMac63 » June 28th, 2017

Wrapping up......economic reform foundation, monetary reform foundation, security and stability, Maliki with a Muzzle that only wimpers once in awhile, international contracts renegotiated, escrow funds being distributed by end of month, CBI website being updated......all thats left is the pretty girl at the prom to sing her first note and melodious it will be.

BigIron » June 28th, 2017

Just thinking out loud.

The mirror cbi site is interesting but there is so much more good news I just look ahead. The rate will be what it is. I do remember many years ago agreements made with Kuwait that IQD would be a little less than the Kuwaiti Dinar so Kuwaiti labor wouldn't cross the border.

UNSC removing sanctions "decides to remain seized of the matter" and return escrow on Friday the 30th. International rate or NO DEAL. WooHoo.

9 days of holiday. I think once the RV happens I will take a 9 day holiday.

Warka Bank paying interest up front. What bank does that? Never heard of that before. Hmmmmmm

Winston Shrout: Toward a Two-Tier Money System

Received by Winston Shrout via email. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Yep, we are still thinking and trying to advance toward a ‘spiritual awakening’ with money. I suppose we are stuck with that, at least for the time being. But it won’t always be so. Some us who do ‘forward thinking’ envision what the natural end will be as we evolve into a 5th dimensional world. It is the details and interim steps which give us the headaches.

It appears that most have worked their way logically through the Federal Reserve Note swamp, and are willing to consider something else. So, hopefully I don’t need to go back over that.

First of all, then, let’s do a bit of analysis of a two-tiered monetary system which we anticipate going into as we expect to be ushered into a ‘new’ republic form of government.

Previously, with the FRNs, we had both the government and the public using the same form of money. This created a natural competition for that money. And in that competition the government had a huge advantage through a variety of means. In essence, this in many ways turned us back into a two class society. If the government said that you could be rich, you became rich. If the government said you will be poor, then you were poor. And it seems that the middle class were that in name only as the government slowly but surely ground away at the middle class in an attempt to reduce it to the lower class.

What if there was no competition between the government and the people for money? Could that be accomplished if the government used one form of money, and the people used another form of money? Could the government carry on? Would the commerce between people even out? Would people treat one another on a different level knowing that as people we simply have to work things out, because the government is not a ‘silent third party’ to our transactions? Hmm.

Well we are going into a two-tiered monetary system in this country. And perhaps if we can successfully demonstrate the viability of that, then other countries might even adopt that same method.

Just for a historical moment here let’s look back at a two-tiered situation that might be profitable for examination. In former times, we had a division between commerce and trade. What the ‘king’ did was called commerce. What the merchants did was called trade, and as the word trade denotes, we are talking about ‘something for something’. The jurisdiction for the kings’ commerce was called the Admiralty. The jurisdiction for the trade of merchants was called Maritime. And both Admiralty and Maritime had their own court system to deal with any problems. But then as things went along, the merchants subrogated their system to the kings’ commerce when the merchants forsook their own monetary system and merged with the king. This destroyed the two-tiered monetary system which operated for so long. … and we see the results of that.


Without going back over what I have presented so many times in the past about the military-backed interim government or what some refer to as the ‘New Republic’, let’s review the money associated with this NR.

Early in 2015 as the interim situation was moving into existence, there was an immediate concern … no money. And to complicate matters was the international monetary requirements of the Basel III agreements which, in essence, demanded that any national currency to viable for international trade, it had to be substance backed … in particular gold-backed.

To facilitate the NR, some of the Chinese elders gave the equivalent of $200B in gold bullion to the effort. So, with gold on hand so as to comply with international demand, the interim NR created a new currency called Treasury Reserve Notes. And they started to trade these TRNs on the currency markets in the summer of 2015 up to the present time I would imagine. At that point, the NR could start to interchange commercially internationally. What the volume or accounting for all of that is, is way beyond my knowledge … just that it happened and is happening.

But the TRNs are not for general use in the day to day commerce of people and businesses. It is totally government level money. Even though this new currency existed, the public was still using the faulty FRNs, and are up until the present time (or at least till now unless things change between this writing and the introduction of the new money which we expect to be introduced any day now).


This reference to ‘tier two’ money means money that is for use not by government but by people and businesses. Basically, we are reversing history by putting the ‘king’ in one place/jurisdiction and the people and merchants in another place/jurisdiction because of the type of money used. And I will shortly point out how the two will have to interact for commercial viability as the merchant and manufacturers want to do International commerce.

What is proposed is the creation of United States Notes to be issued by the new US Treasury. And these USNs would be for exclusive use domestically.

I am sure that a lot of ‘old hands’ are going to immediately ask: are the USNs gold backed? I would answer yes and no. The ‘yes’ part I will go into shortly, but the ‘no’ part I will simply just ask: why would they need to be gold backed? If they are exclusive to domestic use, why would the USNs have to comply with the Basel III? If the USNs are only for domestic use and won’t be traded internationally then Basel III is not a consideration.

INTERFACE … the ‘yes’ from above.

So, what if ABC company wants to sell their widgets to China? The widgets were manufactured in the US. The materials to build the widgets were paid for with USNs. The workers who built the widgets were paid in USNs. So, how are these widgets going to end up with Chinese consumers if the widget is totally the results of USNs?

Here is where I envision the TRNs coming into play. The USN value would have to translated into TRN value for the international transaction. When the Chinese consumer pays for the widget, and the profit is sent back to the ABC company in the US, then from Chinese value to USN value, again there would have to be a formula in place using the TRN.

The volume of international trading of widgets would be only restricted by the availability for use/transfer by TRNs. Of course, once the transaction is completed, the TRN which was locked into that transaction would be immediately freed up for the next transaction … zero liability attached to the TRN upon ‘execution’ of the contract. And once the government gets an idea of how many TRNs are actually needed for the volume of international commerce, the government can simply create that amount of TRNs … no need for more. And hey, we have computers now which can figure this all out in micro-seconds.

With this model in place, is there any ceiling for the amount of USNs in use domestically? If the restriction to be gold-backed removed, then domestically there is no limit to the amount of USNs which could be put into circulation. Obviously then, within the US prosperity would not depend on the relative value of the TRN to other world’s currencies if the TRN is simply being used as a transfer agent for the values created by the use of the USNs.

In my estimation, this will create a consumer driven demand for “Made in the USA” to be on most of the products. Will that consumer driven demand bring prosperity to a failing economy? How long will it take to lift the US workers out of the dumping ground created by the international slave-labor products with which the US worker cannot compete? Will we see the ‘Mom and Pop’ operations spring back into existence. Will WalMart, Costco, and the like have to suffer a downsizing? Will the consumer demand better quality products rather than the cheap plastic imports?


I am not an expert on economics. I am just a ‘survivor’ of a heretofore ‘forced down your throat whether you like it or not’ consumer. I drive a Chevy. I wear an ‘off the rack’ suit to funerals and weddings. I know relatively nothing about big business and manufacturing.

But … I do use a little bit of common sense, reason, and logic every once in a while. And I do see the real possibilities of this new two-tiered money system which we will shortly be in use of. My only complaint is … why has it taken so long to implement?

Will it happen the way I have lined it out here in this paper? I don’t know that it will or not. But I would think that if not exactly as I have outlined it, that at least something similar would be the only usable way to handle it.

But what do I know? I dropped out of college accounting class.

Winston Shrout

PS I hope my little exercise here in economics at least has had the effect to get the reader ‘thinking’. Maybe some have already considered what is written here. Others may not have even given this subject any thought at all. But it is upon us … now. And if what is handed to us is not to our liking … well that is why we are going to have a republic form of government.

And remember, the government employees right from the President down to the mail room clerk are going to be paid in … yep, you guessed it – USNs. So, it will be in the interest of us all to get this figured out and put into action.

Kyron - The Shift of the Century, Expressing Positivity in Beautiful Ways

Published on Jun 13, 2017

You must listen to this channeling from Kryon - Bad News Coming In 2017 ( Is this the end? )

Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity,
Expressing positivity in a beautiful ways.

For more info visit

"2nd Half of July" - Dr. Clarke Update 6-28-17

Dinar Recaps

Witt: You are 100% Correct....and this needs to be posted because every currency investor in the U.S., needs to MAKE A NOTE, about this IRS Tax information, as a True Fact, and listed on their website for ANYONE TO VIEW. PAY YOUR TAXES! (if you choose). Unless, the IRS code changes, which MAY happen in the future.

We copied and pasted this directly from the IRS website, IRS PUBLICATION 525:
Foreign currency transactions. If you have a gain on a personal foreign currency transaction because of changes in exchange rates, you don't have to include that gain in your income unless it is more than $200. If the gain is more than $200, report it as a capital gain.

Crystal Clear. (For Individuals)
Show it to your CPA, Financial & Tax Professionals, which we're NOT, but recommend you Get Some of these folks NOW, or at least Line them Up (if you choose).

Their Words, Not anyone else's.


P.S. We Guess-Timate 2nd Half of JULY.
(Remember what we said earlier about JULY?) MASSIVE.

Hey, do you know what the HOTTEST Month is in Iraq? You know, temperature-wise?
AUGUST is listed 1st.........But, JULY is listed right with it, as equally HOT......the mean high is 110 degrees celsius.

Why, would that information be important? Maybe is isn't, but then again, maybe it is?.....Think about it. Just so you know, IT IS.

From our JUNE 11, 2017 Post (LINK) (17 days ago):
The LEADER: Baghdadi - Russia PUBLICLY claims the credit.
The Calendar: Everything in JUNE - Abadi to Saudi, Iran, Kuwait, Ramadan, Eid, IMF old funds release 30th, new CBI website. ......then......Nothing significant for JULY. Zip. (in comparison)
The Fake News: U.S. blamed for air bombing the Old Mosque. Abadi to announce the Liberation of Mosul several times over a 2 month period - June 12, a few days, next week, coming days, coming hours.....Mosul done. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. Daesh defeated. No not yet. Yes they are. No they aren't. 3% left. Then 7% left. No 2% left. No, 3% left. No, 1% left. 7 Districts. No 5 Districts. No 6 Districts. Now 3 Districts. No it’s 4 Districts. Now it’s 2 Districts. No, it’s 1 Final District. It’s in coming days……no, it’s hours. No, it’s Done. No, they’re still there. Where? 500 left. Now, 700. No, less than 300. Now less than 100. No, it’s less than 1,000. How many left?……..Crystal Clear…………Hours…….How many hours was that?
The Reverse-Opposite: Grand Ol Mosque came down, strategically destroyed BY DAESH. (we really didn't know this exactly ahead of time.....but kinda guessed something like this)
(We also knew the Travel Ban counter claims were completely Bogus claims, and would be reversed, once reached Supreme Court - just weren't sure of timing and a 9-0 landslide ruling)
What was the SHOCKER we spoke of within the 2 weeks, you wouldn't miss, that would Change Everything?: The Grand Ol Mosque destroyed by Daesh. Also, the new CBI Website.

But really, it was Abadi's tour of SA, Kuwait, Iran all in One Week,….for the timing and impact was unmistakable evidence that, something BIG had just changed TANGIBLY - not just words.....for it, and all these were ACCURATELY PUBLICIZED. PUBLIC......and everything that's significant MUST BE REPORTED PUBLICLY in the U.S., also - not just in Iraq, or ME or wherever.

​HEY, you do know.......that Iraq is NOT required to significantly increase the value of their currency, the Dinar - don't you? They could go on for a very long time, just doing what they're doing. You know that Right?

But, we Really Really don't think they will. We think they are much Smarter than that........and over 35 Million People, AT MINIMUM, are begging for Economic Relief, and a return to not only Freedom from Terrorism, guns, torture, captivity, death, suffering and constant FEAR.......they Want, NEED, and Deserve - a Significant RISE in Prosperity & Abundance - NOW, asap..........(Just like Every One of You, as well).

Seriously folks, it's going to take an Official PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, NOT JUST of MOSUL being Liberated -

BUT ADDITIONALLY, a PUBLIC Announcement about the ENTIRE Country of IRAQ, NOW being LIBERATED FROM ANY CONTROL OF DAESH, AND AT SAFE LEVELS, whereby the people of Iraq may return to a normal and peaceful life. (They know there will always be spotty, violence & terroristic acts in the future - CONTROL is the key word).

The Official, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT of the entire Country of Iraq…….Liberated from Daesh.

We feel they will do this in tandem, at the same time. It's not just about Mosul, but must include the statement about the WHOLE COUNTRY of Iraq.

We feel that it may take a little time, before they actually, OFFICIALLY & PUBLICLY change their currency value,

Prism of Peace by BG

The time is upon all Light Bearers to fulfill our mission to evolve humanity and expand the God Consciousness on the New Earth.

"Beloved, remember who I Am, I Am you.

I Am the part of you from creation speaking back to you,

answering your own questions and thoughts."

The Prism of Peace has assembled us here, now, to unify our collective of light emanating from the far reaches of the universe.

We are witnessing one of the most amazing victories in the long history of the soul.



Lana Vawser: Divine Upgrades of Favor

Posted on June 28, 2017


Lana Vawser

I had a dream 2 nights ago where I heard the Lord say "Over the next 30 days…. UPGRADE!!!!" and in the dream the atmosphere was full of the sense of upgrade in many areas, there were two particular areas that He highlighted.

1. Anointing’s
2. Favour

The Lord is shifting the gears right now in the body of Christ. There is a major shift taking place. I hear thunder rumbling in the spirit and it’s the thunder of alignment. It’s the thunder of positioning.

This word is specifically for those who have been in an incredible battle over the last while and have really been fighting for their lives, to continue to stand and to continue to move in the anointing and realm God has called them to. The fire has been hot, the battle has been raging and there has been a feeling of being "stuck" because of the giants that have been coming against them.

Many of you are fighting the biggest giants of your life and you have chosen to continue to stand, but the feeling of being "stuck" has really been strong.

This word is for you! The Lord has seen how you have continued to fight. The Lord has seen how you have continued to be faithful in your anointing, faithful to what He has called you to, faithful to pour out amidst the fire you are facing, and the Lord is now decreeing over you that in the next 30 days, there will be great UPGRADE in your anointing and the favour He has placed over your life.

You are going to look back over the next 30 days and you are not going to believe what God has done it’s going to be so glorious. Where He has positioned you, the increase that you have received in anointing and favour, is going to be the most significant than you have ever seen.

You are ready! You are ready! You are ready! I heard the Lord saying: "The storm you have been in hasn’t DISQUALIFIED YOU, it has QUALIFIED YOU!!!"

Many of you as you have been walking through this incredibly hard storm, yet remaining faithful to Him, still loving Him, still leaning in, still loving, still giving your yes, still pouring out, still fighting with resolve to keep standing, even in the moments where you feel like you have crumbled, you have GOT BACK UP AGAIN. IN the storm as you have stood, pressed in, cried out, praised His name, decreed His Word, continued to hold His hand, He has done a deep work in you to PREPARE YOU for this INCREASE. It’s not about earning anything, we cannot earn anything, He gives freely, but your POSITIONING in the storm has QUALIFIED YOU for increase.

"And don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you have planted is coming. Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith." – Galatians 6:9 (The Passion Translation)

Over the next 30 days, you are going to see SIGNIFICANT UPGRADE!!! The increase of anointing over your life is going to bring such a significant EASE in ministering and operating in your anointing. He is going to open up a whole new realm of operating in your anointing that is going to be SO FUN! There is going to be SO MUCH JOY and EASE in operating in your anointing.

His tangible presence and manifestations of His presence as you move into this increase in your anointing is going to be like nothing you have seen before. A whole new world of how God is going to "show up" in the area He has anointed you in, is going to leave you in awe of His power, His love, His kindness, His tenderness and His miracle working power!


In this increase of anointing that the Lord is releasing, in these upgrades, in these new ways that you are going to see God move through you, these new "flavours"/expressions and manifestations of the Lord through you, is going to see FAVOUR fall on them significantly.

Don’t be afraid of this increase, don’t be afraid of the upgrade, for God is opening up MORE for you and through you. Go with His love and KNOW that there is going to be great ease and this increase of anointing is going to see you flow with Him with greater sensitivity and ease than you ever have.

That incredible feeling of the "divine set up", the "right place at the right time" is going to be a common experience and feeling over the next 30 days as you see the manifestation of the THUNDERING OF GOD in the spirit, positioning you in greater realms of influence and favour to see His Kingdom extended and His power released. He’s going to show up in these new places in new and fresh ways.

You will be completely astonished at the doors He is about to open for you, the connections He is about to establish for you, the provision He is about to release to you, the realms He is going to have you walk in.


I kept hearing the word "WOW" over and over and over again. That is going to be the word flowing from your mouths. "WOW"

Definition of WOW: expressing astonishment or admiration (

You are going to be so surprised, amazed, blown away and so awed by what God is about to do THROUGH YOU! This increase of anointing is going to leave you in a DEEPER PLACE OF WONDER AND AWE of WHO HE IS.

The words flowing from your mouths will be "WOW, WOW, WOW!!!"

Praise in awe and wonder of how amazing, how kind, how powerful, how loving, how incredible Jesus is!


"You will know JOY again!!!"

Through this UPGRADE, this increase of anointing and favour, the restoration of JOY in what He has called you to will be released.

Where the storm, the trials, the battle has come against your joy and weariness in moving in your calling has settled in, that is about to change. You are about to know JOY from this point on. The sense surrounding me when the Lord spoke that was that the season has changed where you will now experience AGAIN the JOY and honour of partnering with HIM in what He’s doing in the earth and what He is releasing THROUGH YOU.

The Lord is releasing an invitation through this prophetic word to agree with Him, to stand in faith in alignment with what He is doing and what He is saying…

"Over the next 30 days.. UPGRADES"

Source: Lana Vawser


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