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"Elegant" - GCR/RV Commentary - Sunday - April 23, 2017

Received via email at 8:37 AM for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles Sure we broke through the sound barrier last night sometime right afte...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"My Experience of Being Attacked" by Flower of Life - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by Flower of Life at 1:58 PM EDT on April 23, 2017

Dear community,

Its a while I have not posted. I would like to share one experience I am sill in.

Sinc 1999, I am giving workshops and conferences in many countries to help open the Sacred Heart and opening consciousness. I never ever had any problems since these 18years. Lately I was guiding the equinox meditation in Tunisia. I suddenly felt my throat was attacked. I could not speak for 5 minutes, choking. The day after I was knock out. I had a little time to rest between other workshops but was sick doing them.

I am back in Quebec since 10 days and the trip back was with delays and flight cancellations. I arrived 7 hours later than planed in the middle of the night. The day after I was back to the flu but really bad with high fever. After these 10 days I just had my really good nigt this last night. But still cough a lot. This is not normal for me since I had no healt issues since 3 years... nothing ! And i constantly use sonotherapy which is a huge help for preventing all stress and thus health issues.

Few days ago I talked with the person that is organizing the workshops for me in Tunesia. He had the flu and told me that most of the group got touched as well. This not being normal, I consulted 2 friends. One confirmed that in Tunesia it was a bacterial attack on the group and the other confirmed as well that the group had been attacked. They did what was necessary to help me.

All this is not a matter of fear but since we are at the end times, all is possible. I prefer to know about these that are going on and be prepared: «A savvy person is worth two».

Also being in contact with some of the great teachers on this Earth, they keep saying that the battle is still huge in the subtle matter. Until we get this huge wave of Love from the Central Sun of our Universe, all these are part of our reality on this so beautiful and loving Earth.

An other person I heard of has also experienced being attacked recently.

Knowledge frees.


"The Light Within" by Commander 7 - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by Commander 7 at 11:52 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

The only leader you need is the one inside of yourself ~

Turn within to your light that has always shown from within out ~

It is there all you had to know, are to know, and will know you will remember for you created it.

As all that are seeking need to go within ~

That is why the out side information is in chaos fighting among themselves ~

Many say they want to help I am sure somewhere they do. You need to help yourself to remember and you will.

We have been here before in old Atlantis before the fall of the last area of the continent went under.

Your thoughts create what you are thinking and feeling it has great power on earth. The weather, earth quakes, rain or flooding even health and peacefulness. What will you create peace on earth or the other ego and fear is not a higher vibration.

We can not heal others the planet if we are not at peace within our selves.

We are experiencing memory from old Atlantis, meeting the same people that helped us off planet to safety and we are amongst those we had chosen to believe in that our beautiful Atlantis would not fall but did.

Be in your peace step aside go within remember you are loved and are preparing yourself and have been healing your DNA strands to universal freedom.

Welcome Back To The Higher Light

Commander 7

"Re: Cobra = Cabal" by One Who Has Received - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Has Received at 11:46 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

"Cobra = Cabal" - One Who Knows - 4.23.17

Welcome to the wonderful world of confusion and disinformation=the Dark by any name. Those now calling cobra cabal have become victims of this game. We like labels because that allows us to "know" what is in content. Any one claiming to "know" the truth and their "truth" is truth is already one shaky ground.

Cobra is now being dissed because you heard something that may be painful and fearful to you? If something makes you fearful does not mean it is cabal in and of it self.

The simple fact that those working for the dark side are using every weapon they have including your own devices( i ph, computer, and all other such things) as weapons to deliver harmful energy waves is not bs! Wake Up "light workers". being sprayed daily with poison !

We are not going to Lal La our way to gain what we have lost. Wake Up Wake up Wake Up all you ONES THAT KNOW Think for your self PLEASE!!!!

ONE WHO HAS RECEIVED what cobra warns you about

"Response to blueray" by John - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by John at 11:35 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

"Response to John" by blueray - 4.23.17

blueray, as true common sense would lead a thinking person in the direction of a "builder" for something that was already built or, to an "architect" for architecture that already exists, so too, would true "common sense" lead a person with the necessary "Gray-matter" to look to a "Creator" for creation. But, since you say you're an "atheist", I know that this will fall on deaf ears but, one thing I've heard all my life is, "there ain't no atheists in foxholes" so, say what you will.

In the meantime, I'll limit my response to your pathetic idea of "common sense" to say this. If you think what I said to you was a sermon, then you're more sensitive to criticism than you'd like for everyone to believe and, it doesn't take a genius to see the "spiritual" side of life but, it does take a heart that hasn't hardened to the notion that there is someone you can't see, who is bigger than you who wants to reign in your heart. What's phenomenal is, He doesn't force His way on anyone. From the moment He said "...and let them have dominion", mankind had the power, authority and permission to choose for hisself/herself and, if you think your opinion of me is going to cause me to cower and quake, I've got news for you. I've been dead twice...there isn't anything you could say or do that intimidates or frightens me. In fact, you're just exposing more if yourself and, sincerely, that's sad. The one "ray" of hope that you showed, however crude you said it, was in regard to "hungry children." You see, the goodness of God shows up in some of the most unlikely people, sometimes. Once upon a time, it was easy to see "love and hate", "good and evil" because, it was more of a "black and white" world and, that's not in reference to skin color or race but, over time, through people's choices, rationale and, self-justification, it's all been mixed together and, the world looks at life from the point of view "what's right for you, may not be right for me" and, "what's wrong for me, may not be wrong for you" and, everything is "different shades of gray" so, have a good life and, I'll finish with this last quote by a very wise man. He said, "Always take the advice of someone who is older than you because you may not live long enough to make all the mistakes that they've made."


"Trump, Putin Trolling the World and Young Minds" by TPAO - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by TPAO at 10:52 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

Was looking for something on the Schuman Resonance for my parents when I discovered an amazing lad by the name of Jordan Sather.

WOW, I strongly suggest you listen to this ten minutes or so re the Schuman Resonance anyway to understand some of the physiological effects you may be experiencing at the moment BUT, what happened next is even BETTER still.

At the beginning Jordan mentions another video he had done that received a lot of attention and was mentioned by Robert David Steele as well. His description of same a tad more colourful lol. The title being part of the heading for this post:

Why I Think Trump & Putin Are Trolling The World Right Now

It peaked my interest so watched that too and realised we will be seeing a lot more of Jonathan in the future. Highly recommended. Insightful is an understatement. It is excellent. Totally present. AND to my surprise he mentions the currency reset in there at the end as one of the reasons for the elaborate cover. Yet there seems there is no apparent history of his involvement in currency or discussion of it elsewhere that I can see. So great synchronicity. Worth sharing but also some of the knock on as well.

All in all Jordan gives an excellent over view as he connects the dots so very well. Also refreshing to have not only a view out with our now rather tight gaggle of posters at the moment, but a youthful one at that. It seems our main sitreps fall into the hate Trump and love Trump camp. Black and White. No grey in there. One has him as orange, cross gender, anglo saxon, khazarian, child molesting and a few other descriptors I may have omitted but just one or more too many for a single corporeal vehicle to embody!! lol And the other source has him as Gods gift and saviour blazing the way to the new world at great personal sacrifice. It matters not either way to me as it is what it is and we are not hear to judge but to get this over the line in service.

I so appreciate the sitreps we receive and am truly grateful. The tireless efforts of those that bring them in are appreciated beyond measure. Their personal persuasion does not effect me one way or other, we are still in duality. It just is soooooooo refreshing to hear from someone outside our community who seems to be right on the button and YOUNG!!!

Did I mention youthful and young already? lol I am being as subtle as a sledgehammer here with regards the segway!! It made me realise what it is like to get a youthful view of the topic. It made me realise that this freshness and agility of mind may be something we could use a bit more of an injection of in this forum. I wonder what our average age is on here? I would guess, being generous, that the moderation curve would have its peak over the 45 to 55 mark but in reality probably about five to the right of that!! This is something we should really be thinking about in what is ahead.

As Jordan mentions in the Schuman Resonance video there is a lot of ‘unlearning’ to be done by us in order to move ahead into a New Age. Based on our age we have a lot more ‘unlearning’ to do then those that have followed us, our children and grandchildren. I pray we have the wisdom to realise we can best serve by being a financial resource that knows when to stand back and allow a younger generation not only full of ideas to decide what they need for their future, but who are not jaded by a past that is no longer.

Einsteins famous quote above says it all. If we use the knowledge we think we have from a past based in incorrect thinking and assumptions then we will be projecting same into the future. That is what using past personal history or ‘experience' actually means. This is what we have been programmed to do precisely so that we perpetuate the horrors we have experienced into our futures and keep the loop or wheel turning in sameness. It has been endemic in keeping us stuck where we are.

Lets remember to allow the many many genius creative wonderful youth around us that have been bored senseless by the system they been crammed into and rebelling in all sorts of unhealthy ways, lets allow them the freedom to blossom and give them a voice at last and ear willing to listen.

We have so much to look forward to ahead of us.


"Re: Operation Gotham Shield" by Anonymous1 - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by Anonymous1 at 9:54 AM EDT on April 23, 2017
The article below by Lighthawk has some very worthwhile observations.

"Operation Gotham Shield" by LightHawk - 4.23.17

There is simply too much that we don't know. However, there are some things that we can know to help us along the way. So what do we know according to self evidence?

We know that the final release of the 800# has not happened as some have said would happen. There is obviously a reason for that. The only reason we can know for sure is the self evident fact that the AOP/NPTB are not ready for it to happen yet.

So what can we determine from those self evident facts? Clearly, if everything was as safe as some would say, the likelihood of this being held back would probably not exist and the releases would likely have already manifested.

That seems to be a fairly safe assumption. And the article below seems to acknowledge that through its discussion. Based upon that self evident reality, and given that the whole reason the GCR/RV even exists is a result of many years of malevolence that must change in order for us to survive, we need to acknowledge that we are still working through this war.

That being said, caution moving forward is the only reasonable response. Caution seems to be the ongoing operative that impedes our progress. Unfortunately, it is necessitated by the reality that the war is winding down but not yet over.

LightHawk is asking great questions but I sense they already know the answers and are simply curious as to how others, purporting to be in the know, will respond. In order to even be asking these questions, one has to have made astute observations about what is and what isn't.

The answers themselves are somewhat self evident simply because it takes a certain presence of mind to even acknowledge what is self evident.

People feel lost because they look to others for answers that they themselves should already possess. The time for dreaming should have ended by now. Dreams are great for projecting possibilities and that helps greatly with future planning and acts of humanitarian assistance.

Nevertheless, once having served its purpose, dreams aside, we need to be looking at self evident truth in order not to be led astray. This time is perhaps the must important time any of us will ever experience. It defines who we will be in the future.

If we can not discern within ourselves self evident truth, we will continue to look toward others for that truth. This is a very dangerous situation because a person can be deceived and misled while remaining in that state.

There will always be others who will look to influence you in order to perhaps separate you from your wealth and power. Historically, this has always been the problem for young kings who are surrounded by counselors looking to influence the king's power for their own agenda... be it for good or evil.

The sooner a young king grasps the need for self direction and being their own person, the better chance they will have at surviving the inevitable intrigue and conquest that surrounds them.

The same can be said for each of us. Consequently, I am extremely suspect of those who insist their brand of truth surpasses all others. Whether their brand of truth is indeed superior, is not even the real issue.

The real issue is whether they truly help others to be self directed so as to be responsible for themselves. This is in direct opposition to influencing others into following another's direction and thus making them dependent upon others rather than themselves.

What should be clear by now is that those who really don't want to be self directed should probably not be here. Just as the fool is soon parted from his money, so also will those who reject their own sovereignty.


"Response to blueray" by Peter Kasaj - 4.23.17

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 9:44 AM EDT on April 23, 2017

"Response to John" by blueray - 4.23.17

Semi-literacy (Im not english I didnt learn english not even in school)that does mean Im not literate ,intelectualy Im not good in my own language too thats right.

Regarding your atheistic world view.I respect that,becuase majority of christians living atheistic.Something to do about?

What do you think Lana Vawser is speaking to?Of course to dinarland.Why?I dont know?This game might be bigger then we think.Just look at the concentration of ocultists against God's followers here.Who will reap reward?Some Grandma which is sitting on few 100tril.notes waiting quietly how this evolve,she just want money nothing else or someone else? or do you think Lana is speaking about Trump or Putin?

Ok,if you will deny Lana, then can you deny that some spirit worlds exists?Good and bad?
If you will deny this, time to study some spell satanic magic stuff or other ocultistic things and bible ,clearly you didnt because you just dont believe in anything like that.If you didnt experienced it it doesnt mean it does not exist.

Then when you will not deny spirit world will you deny that there might be God?Good and bad spirits(angels and demons?)

Time to pay attention.
Exchange is not going to happend way you think and you was told by any guru.
You take Yosef intel to litteraly.

Peter Kasaj


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