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"Weight Limit" - GCR/RV History - Friday - July 21, 2017

Received via email at 6:15 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles The USA, Inc. was legally created to replace the Republic of the U...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton's Outlaws Conference Call Replay 7/21/17

Published on Jul 21, 2017








Friday, July 21, 2017

Philip Tilton's Outlaws CC Replay w/ Kent Dunn 7-21-17

Philip Tilton - Outlaws Call Replay


Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Fri. Evening - 7.21.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Friday Evening, July 21, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

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"Can Someone Please Explain?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:20 PM EDT on July 21, 2017

Currently we have politicians who basically for the most part do what they want irregardless of what the people what?

Now we have the Republic making decisions for us putting laws? Regulations? And whatever else into place with no voice from the people.

Isn't this same story different guise?

My goal in putting this out to you is to understand how this is any different than what we are already experiencing.

"I don't know who is the NPTB!"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:57 PM EDT on July 21, 2017

But Prime Creator is the only I believe to be omniscient and omnipresent!

So It Be.

"Re: TDA/NESARA/Trump" by Bolo - 7.21.17

Entry Submitted by Bolo at 7:58 PM EDT on July 21, 2017

"TDA/NESARA/Trump" by For Us - 7.21.17

With the investigations into his Deutsche bank dealings amongst other things.

Allow me to interject ..
Let's just suggest anyone dealing with DB in the last 10 years at a minimum ..
Is probably operating off of STOLEN money ..

I amplify here as Klaatu ..

Keep in mind here the NESARA connection to Wanta ..

There is really only one American financier who China likes and feels it can do business with. He is Lee Wanta of AmeriTrust Groupe (Virginia, USA). There is a NESARA connection here. A four and a half trillion dollar sum which the G8 nations refer to in their memos as 'The Wanta Plan', has been stolen in America by George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr and Henry Paulson. More details here. The $4.5 trillion has become tangled up with banking release procedures to do with the much larger NESARA global prosperity programme.

Now ask Amb. Wanta what he thinks of Trump ..

You can connect your own dots from here ..



"Re: UnCommon Cents" by Reallucky1 - 7.21.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 7:42 PM EDT on July 21, 2017

"UnCommon Cents" by GK - 7.21.17


Yes you are right the old fiat dollar has imploded, but you are missing so many pieces to the puzzle, first let me explain did you realize we have been successful in bringing down the 12 branches of the Federal Reserve Banks in the US? This was the reason those numbers were made available to begin with. The companies that have monopolized on the governments they are being brought down as well. The old debt system is dying but the assets in those accounts are very real, and are fixing to be attainable by all claimers.

So I guess you do not want yours? The site the GMEI Utitlity shows the accounts in existence, I have 225 stocks just just in my name that were used and leveraged against the US Debt. This money in these accounts which is what Heather Ann Tucci has fought for us is being made to be accessible with easy to understand instructions. All the money held has been transferred to the New Treasury in Reno, NV. The one where we will be given access to the funds. The reason the accounts did not go through, they had already claimed our money and moved it to the new Treasury. We were actually taking money out the Federal Reserve Banks. This was there surrender, and I have a few of the Intel providers that I know had something to do with the covert banks as I screen shot the numbers they were putting out and ran them the ABA Routing System. I will not name names, because then this post would not be posted.

We got Paypal hurting asking what to do until it was closed down for new accounts, and Amazon and the Federal Reserve Banks have been running for cover. What they are waiting for I have been saying for months, NOTHING CAN GO THROUGH UNTIL OUR NEW CURRENCY COMES OUT. So while your accounts have been frozen, you will soon be restored. The payments are still being held and will be sent thru once an assessment is made. The tapes you posted are fantastic and all people should listen to them as I have.

I am using my account because this was set up to provide REMEDY for the cases. I have seen proof of people purchasing two million dollar bonds on this site. You can cash them early, but you will not need to once the full reset has begun. The thing I knew was wrong is no one had complete instructions, but those of us that took action are the reason that this will begin as we shut down the evil money creators. It was a grand plan and it worked like a charm.

This entire system is a learning curve, with much trial and error, and I am thankful for the many that have helped to bring this home for all of us. You have the proof against the tyranny with the GMEI Utility you posted. This with your confirmations and the many screen shots, are your protection against the tyrannical dictators. The sites I am seeing there are people running checks through the OCD Check Readers and getting cash. So while you knock these people that are only fighting against the corruption, they have made a huge difference along with you and the many others that made purchases.

Just wanted to add, everything is not always as we see it, many times there are reasons for the madness and the actions you see being taken is for the good of the nation, its NESARA, and we have world peace and no more war, its truly a time to celebrate the new world God has blessed us with.



"This is it" - Peoples Dinar News Discussion 7-21-17

Peoples Dinar


The prime minister’s advisor for financial policy, mohammed saleh, announced on thursday that iraq has completed commitments on the first stage of the imf’s credit-stand-off agreement with a number of stages, including 13 commitments under which it agreed to grant iraq a $ 5.3 billion financial loan.

Iraq and the international monetary fund signed an agreement in may after several days of meetings in the jordanian capital of amman to provide iraq with a loan of $ 5.3 billion at an interest rate of 1.5%, and iraq received a premium of $ 634 million last july.

“the first phase of the credit agreement with the imf included several reform requirements for the iraqi economy, namely performance standards, reform of financial management, reform of some laws,” said mohammed saleh, adviser to the iraqi prime minister for fiscal policy.

And procedures to structure the public budget, and maintain the reserve of the central bank, all of which iraq is committed to.

Saleh said that “the credit agreement with the international monetary fund, under which it was agreed to grant iraq a loan of $ 5.3 billion, includes 13 consultations or commitment, iraq and the international monetary fund completed the first review


LStar: Website says dinars can be used in the atms worldwide right? I went to website. Looks good. MasterCard seems to be live. Not sure

Forest: An international agreement to begin the first stages of reconstruction of Mosul

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Liz Grande, said the agreement with the Baghdad government has been agreed on the first phase of reconstruction of the city of Mosul.

This came at a joint press conference, held by the UN official in Mosul with the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Ali Alalak, and the governor of Nineveh, Nofal Sultani.

Grandi said that the first phase "includes 70 projects, in particular the reform of the health system, sanitation, water, electricity and civilian houses," and indicated that there is "concern" about the extent of the destruction suffered by civilian homes and mechanism of return, "I built it.

The cost of the first phase and the details of the subsequent stages were not announced.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, that the old city in Mosul was subjected to "total destruction".

He added that " Work is to restore basic services such as water and electricity, and we now have two projects for potable water, on the western side of the city, and will deliver the power, to start turning it , "without further details. He said that" work is also under way to restart the plug connector electrical station, which may up production to 750 megawatts,

but the problem is, currently, in the energy transfer, ravaged by terrorists lines ", in reference to the organization of " Daesh ", which was defeated by government forces last week, after the battles lasted more than eight months.

and the scale of destruction in The city of Mosul, alerted to the fact that "in the west side was divided Neighborhoods according to the proportion of the damage, some of which suffered minor damage, and some of them suffered mass destruction, as in the old city.

" In turn, said the governor of Nineveh, Novell Royal: The" The government announced the liberation of the city on July 10, following fierce battles lasted about 9 months, with the help of the international coalition to fight the Washington-led Dahesh.

The fighting displaced about 1 million civilians, about half of the population who were inside the city at the start of the fighting, in October.

The government announced the liberation of the city on July 10, following fierce battles lasted about 9 months, with the help of the international coalition to fight the Washington-led Dahesh. The fighting displaced about 1 million civilians, about half of the population who were inside the city at the start of the fighting, in October.

oasorcire33: The cost of the first phase and the details of the subsequent stages were not announced.

Of course not we don't want any investors tipped off as to a possible rate now do we

Hopesway: The news is SOOOO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LStar: No kidding!! Where's beachrider? I need huuuuge letters "international!" Omg! Folks I'm so happy!! This is it. A 2017 year to remember forever! I'm dancing with joy! Thank you God thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

Beachrider: Not until I see an official rate I can go to the bank with.

LStar: Okie dokie! I get it, still waiting, but I do absolutely think it'll be this year!!! 2017 a year to remember for sure!!

Forest: Grandi said that the first phase "includes 70 projects, in particular the reform of the health system, sanitation, water, electricity and civilian houses," and indicated that there is "concern" about the extent of the destruction suffered by civilian homes and mechanism of return, "I built it.

BANE: An invitation to support the dinar and the strengthening of its purchasing power

3/1/2017 BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi strengthening of the local currency is a national task they represent thesovereignty ofIraq and preservation of state stimuli represents a great responsibility lies with therelevant authorities in the light of a series of challenges taking place in the country.

Economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle called to be 2017 years to strengthen the dinar 's purchasing power and strengthens confidence in the national currency , which represents the sovereignty of Iraq, noting at the same time the need to restrict foreign business dealings only in dollars.

And ways to revive the dinar and upgrade more than its value saw Mahouelle in an interview {Sabah »necessity of things , management of the country economic mentality and purely look long - term, along with the importance Quote economic experiences of states have passed similar circumstances to what Iraq is going through, as well as the reduction of trading the dollar in commercial transactions Interior to support the national currency.

Mahouelle be regulated by the Central Bank and coordination with economic authorities and relevant ministries confirmed role in enhancing the value of the dinar by preventing the circulation of foreign currency in the local commerce for any reason whatsoever and counted only in foreign trade, indicating the importance that civil and government banks take measures that will strengthen the dealing in Iraqi dinar .

It is said that the sale price of the dollar on Monday amounted to 1310 dinars, ie 131 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars, while the total purchase price in 1300 dinars, ie 130 000 dinars, for a hundred dollars.

Mahouelle said that the decline in the value of the dinar against the dollar, in fact, began the war with Iran and the invasion of Kuwait, stressing that the policies of the former regime burned all the hopes of Iraqi economists to amend the path of the local economic situation and guide the country 's resources towards development.

He said, since the nineties of the last century and the days of international sanctions and the dollar dominates the local market transactions away from the dinar as a result of faulty economic policies pursued by the former regime.

He pointed out that when the prices of imported goods began to rise, Iraqis felt that the old price of the dinar against the dollar has fallen so much and began to think of what has become and find solutions to them.

The dollar exchange rate against the dinar has fluctuated between ascending and descending was reported in the nineties about 4000 dinars to the dollar, while the price has seen a gradual decline after 2003 to continue to decline to 1,200 dinars to the dollar in the last ten years,

while he returned to rise again after the adoption of the budget in 2015 and forcing the Central Bank identifies sales of foreign currency in accordance with Article 50 of that year 's budget law.

Mahouelle explained that the International Monetary Fund and the post - World War II division of the world 's currencies to be and are non-transferable and was part of the Iraqi dinar currency is convertible.

He said the convertible currencies suitable for international settlements (ie to settle payments in foreign trade of the countries), has been preparing a list of those currencies represented currencies the victors in World War II, and did not include the Soviet bloc currencies at the time because of the approach is capitalist in the conduct of its economy and the economies of countries that fall under its control.

He said either the Iraqi currency was within the currency is convertible which can not be used for international settlements , but turning it into another currency, or to the dollar (Oogerh), and goes to Iraq to be paid the proceeds of the sale of oil to the US dollar and that the equivalent of the dinar to $ 3.32.

He said that Iraq, which reached a population of 8 million people, citizens did not know a dollar coin and Ashklh did not deliberate it within the borders of the country at all, as hard place to find a store, in that era, displays his goods are priced in dollars.

He Mahouelle at the conclusion of his speech that traders importers of goods (commercial / industrial / agricultural) were turning the dinar to the dollar when paying their price through banks, where the audience did not feel the importance of the US currency ,

but when traveling abroad and are turning to banks turned them dinar to the dollar and give them foreign currency in cash or travelers instruments after the central bank 's approval and under the foreign exchange law.

Bane: But then again this article from Jan says the Dinar will be worth over 3 dollars...

​Forest: A Saudi writer for Al-Ghad Press: The time has come for Iraq to return to its Arab surroundings

The Saudi writer and media, the mind of reason, said on Friday that the time has come for the return of Iraq to its Arab environment, despite the difficult conditions and intersections in the region.

"There is no doubt that the visit of the Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji to Saudi Arabia and received by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif is an important step in enhancing cooperation," al-Aqal told Al-Ghad Press. The two countries, "adding that" work to achieve their common interests. "

He said that "the file of combating terrorism comes at the top of the files discussed by the Saudi and Iraqi sides."

"We all know that the scourge of terrorism is suffering from the Arab region, and unfortunately these organizations raise the rhetoric and slogans of Islamism, and their ideologies cross borders and nationalities.

In this sense, the importance of this visit comes to strengthen the coordination and security work to combat these organizations," he said in Al-Hayat newspaper. And others. "

"The Saudi-Iraqi border extends for 800 kilometers, and this requires security work between the two sides," he said, adding that "Saudi-Iraqi relations have gone through a period of tensions, but the statements that are responsible at the moment confirm the change of course of Iraqi-Saudi relations to the right way" .

"Some say that the Arabs have left Iraq, an Arab country established in many regional organizations, for some regional powers," he said. "It is time for Iraq to return to its Arab environment, despite the difficult conditions and intersections in the region."

Beachrider: HUGE PROGRESS!

"Weight Limit" - GCR/RV History - Friday - July 21, 2017

Received via email at 6:15 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The USA, Inc. was legally created to replace the Republic of the United States of America in 1871, but went bankrupt in 1933.

In response, FDR confiscated all the nation's gold and silver to re-collateralize the Federal Reserve Bank that was created in 1913.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Reich Nazi war machine in Germany started WW2 in Poland, thus creating more time for their 4th Reich master plan to complete over in America (see Operation Paperclip) and ultimately finalize in the Middle East in 2012.

However, bad seeds bear no fruit and their Zionistic world domination plans were thwarted by the NPTB back in 1996.

In response to this, they crafted yet another delay tactic by intentionally demolishing and cold fusion vaporizing three buildings in New York City, also known a the 9/11 Attack.

This bogus historic event was long planned and meticulously executed to avoid the loss of global financial control.

It had nothing to do with Muslim Terrorists, Al-Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden. Donald Trump knowingly participated in this false flag attempt to start WW3 with the Muslim world, and covertly and intentionally bankrupt the USA, Inc--yet again before the Federal Reserve Bank was to bankrupt in December 2012 when the Federal Reserve Act was scheduled to expire.

However, the NPTB jumped their bankruptcy/war plan when they did a sudden margin call on Lehman Brothers in August 2007.

And when the Federal Reserve Bank and USA, Inc. could no longer keep kicking the proverbial fiat debt can down the road, both the bank and illegally formed mimic government could not reconcile the nation's sovereign debt with international creditors led by China and Russia.

Still, it took over 2.5 years in international bankruptcy courts to settle all debts with major creditors, who agreed to a specific workout and restoration plan for the Republic of the United States of America.

The USA, Inc. legally defaulted in June of 2015 when Puerto Rico defaulted on their sovereign debts--which was where the USA, Inc. was originally domicile in 1871.

Now part of this work out plan was controlling the US national election in November 2016, determining both binary party candidates as well as the new President.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were selected for this task with Donald Trump to emerge with a surprising victory.

Making the Donald Trump Administration a temporary holding solution as part of the USA, Inc.'s 2015 bankruptcy work through agreement negotiated between China, Russia and the new leadership of the soon to be restored Republic.

What the world is witnessing now, and some experiencing in shock given the unnatural ascension and overt take down of President Trump and his family, is all just scripted history being meticulously executing per a pre-negotiated agreement from one illegal form of government (USA, Inc.) back to its original form (Republic).

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was actually selected to be the post transition President by Russia and China (and major international corporate stake holders).

Remember, Ryan was suddenly inserted into the Speaker's role back in October 2015 by Pope Francis in order to run the restored Republic government nearly two years later in 2017.

Rome was the rightful owner of the USA, Inc., this his public transition is Speakers was part of the negotiated bankruptcy settlement.

General Joseph Dunford was chosen to lead the nation's military apparatus as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as was inserted in May 2015.

These men have been quietly leading the Republic of the United States of America, making all the key decisions and signing all domestic and international documents / treaties / military orders.

What people are seeing now with all this current daily domestic chaos and treason (Trump, USA, Inc.) is actually international order and patriotism being restored (Ryan, Republic).

With this quiet transition will also come the re-introduction of the Republic and its new gold backed national currency (USN from USD).

The USN's international standing and/or value will appear to remain exactly the same, with all other global currencies quietly revaluing around it.

This is because so many nations used or were dependent on the USD for their economy's basic form and function.

So the Republic and USN are simply interchangeable elements of a same larger yet covert and global treaty named GESARA--which was implemented into force back in October 2015 when 55% of the 209 sovereign nations publicly set carbon emission standards per The Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

All of this clandestine / classified secrecy is needed to maintain mass population calm in the spirit of "never wake a sleeping baby."

The public therefore is naive or innocent to both past sins and thus unable to actively participate in creation of a dynamic future.

But those reading this must be awake because all on the hook for restoring and healing the soul of the world through your infinite currency redemption blessing--where you and you alone will determine the humanitarian weight limit placed upon your soul.

Reject or accept your burdens Zimland, but make no mistake it's time to step up or step out. As there is no limbo or in-between state when serving humanity's greatest good.

God is with us.


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