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"Projectors" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - September 20, 2017

Received via email for publication at 8:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles Below are recent projectors of what appears to be the final RV rel...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Assisting the Entire Galaxy

Assisting the Entire Galaxy ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

SEP 20 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are assisting the rest of the galaxy by tuning in to the energies that are inside of you. You have aspects of you, energetically and physically, that come from other parts of the galaxy, other star systems. And so as you tune in to what is inside of you, and you create a balance within, there is a ripple effect. And because you are connected, in more ways than one, to the other star systems in this galaxy, you are helping to create balance for all beings.

Many of you are looking for a mission or a purpose, and you want to reach as many people as you can, and we say to you that you are having a tremendous impact on all beings when you go within yourself and you find balance, when you find peace. Everything that you do, think, and say has an impact as well, but usually you are attempting to make up for a feeling lack within yourself when you set out to take an action, when you set out to be of service through word and action.

You cannot help but access what is inside of you. It’s going to come up. You are going to get triggered, one way or the other. But when you look within yourself for peace and balance, for love and for openness, you will see it outside of yourself as well. You are creating from within you, and when you bring that balanced, peaceful self out into the world, you are offering others an opportunity to follow your lead.

So please do continue to seek to be of service, and to help as many people as you can, but start with that inner realm and recognize the impact that you can have without lifting a finger. Then, of course, you can take action from a place of joy and from a feeling of inspiration. That is how the new world will be built. It will be built from the inside out and from the ground floor up.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Heavenletters: God’s Diamond

God’s Diamond | Heavenletters

SEP 20 2017

God said:

Sometimes, you drag your feet, and you are not exactly a willing Partner with Me. Beneath your intellect, however, lies your Heart of Gold. Do not kid yourself. You hold My Heart in yours. There are noifs, ands, or buts. Even when you may be blindfolded, I know undeniably Who You are. There is too much you don’t see and don’t know. You brush off new ways of thinking as you would a piece of lint. Amazing, isn’t it, how you have the ability to fluff off awareness and delete your Self?

Think of My Heart as a Golden Sun. From the Light of My Rays, your Light shines. Of course, you are My Radiance. You are a Reflection of Me. And, in Truth, beyond that, nothing else exists but the One of Us.

I, Who created you, I ride with you. I, Who ride with you, am a Facet of you. You are My Diamond, and We, you and I, ride High.

If you have not yet already realized this, you certainly will. It is My Will that you will. You are My Will. I am in your DNA. I, the Creator, created you from the Throb of My Heart. You exist in the Beat of My Heart.

Where did you come from, and where are you going? You are coming and going, for I am at the Center of you. I am your Steering Wheel. Surely, you don’t imagine that somehow you created yourself, or that, if it had been possible for you to create yourself, you would have done a job equal to Mine or better! You have such chutzpah! You show the cheek of your ignorance — and your innocence. At least, you speak up. Now, also, have the cheek to listen, will you please? Listening holds great wealth, for you may learn something.

Would you forswear learning? Really? Would you really say that you know everything and close a door, even slam it shut?

At the same time, Dear Ones, hidden from your view and recollection, you do know Everything. All awareness is seared in your Soul. Human Being, as you are, you are a Master of Knowing, which knowing you may have put up on a shelf for another day. Your memory will restore itself overnight. One morning you will wake up to your True Knowledge — simple and forthright. You will wake up to the Bright Light you let go of. I gave you this knowledge. What I give you is yours. Some days, you would rather not receive. There are no two ways about it – not all days are your choice.

Beloveds, to stay in a hut is not a terrible thing. Living in a hut takes less maintenance than a palace. You are freer with fewer obligations. When you reside in a Palace, it is perfectly acceptable to recognize that you do and take on the added responsibility. Whether you are King or pauper, every day may not be perceived as a picnic. Whether you approve or not approve, each day of Life is enlivening. Nor are you to take Life for granted.

Beloveds, Life is not to be fought against. You wouldn’t fight Life except that you have a biased picture as to what your Life should look like. Your biased picture is not good enough. You do merit great blessings. I tell you that you absolutely merit Great Blessings. No longer get stuck in old thinking.

Accompany Me, and see Life afresh along with Me. Open the Universe and know it is beautiful.

Permanent link to this Heavenletter: – Thank you for including this when publishing this Heavenletter elsewhere.

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Currency365 - PM Abadi "Oil for All Iraqi's, All Iraqi's, and Wealth for All Iraqi's"

Published on Sep 20, 2017

"We Wait and See" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


Walkingstick » September 20th, 2017

Possibly, depends... on ones view...We wait, and see.... But, I believe he is exactly where one should be at this time... Myself, I believe Abadi is sending a clear and distinct message to the world, by not attending.. One, far greater than a prepared speech at the podium...

Thei » September 20th, 2017

For these reasons, Abbadi's visit to New York was not resolved

A spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi Saad al-Hadithi's press office said Abadi's visit

Makhmour comes to mobilize and start military operations to free Hawija, asserting that the military plans to liberate

Hawijah became almost complete by liberating the complete victory, on the determination of the zero hour to break into the Hawijah by hand Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
Al-Hadithi said in an interview with "Baghdad here" that Abbadi's visit to New York had not been resolved so far for his preoccupation

Editing the Hawija and the issue of the referendum.

Samson » September 20th, 2017

Thursday is an official holiday on the occasion of the Islamic New Year

20th September, 2017

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Wednesday that the official working hours of Thursday will be suspended.

The Secretariat said in a statement that it announced "the disruption of the official working day for tomorrow Thursday, 21/9/2017 ... corresponding to the first of Muharram al-Haram, the Hijri New Year."

Samson » September 20th, 2017

For the first time, Iraq presides over Article 14 of the CTBT

20th September, 2017

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said Wednesday that Iraq is the first country to hold the 14th session of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) with the participation of Belgium. "For the first time, Iraq is presiding over the convening of Article XIV of the CTBT with the participation of Belgium," Gamal said in a statement. LINK

SurfingWolf » September 20th, 2017

Why was it that Iraq ended up under chapter 7 sanctions again?

I seem to recall it was related to weapons of mass destruction. And now they're presiding over the nuclear test ban treaty session?

If we weren't already aware that ch7 sanctions removal is only a formality (thanks F26!) this would let us know. As we've learned unsc was first to put the handcuffs and will be "last" to remove them... this ctbt also provides a measure of "symetry" to the situation.

I could only listen while working yesterday, but from Trump's speech, I'm trying to put some pieces together. Obviously he had very strong words for N Korea, Iran, and Syria. He also spoke of the Marshall plan.

With Iraq now presiding over a session directly related to not only what resulted in them being invaded, but also what the "international community" is taking issue with these other countries, it would seem that this unga event may see Iraq held out as a positive example of a regime change operation/spreading democracy etc.

Certainly imo, by now, Trump has been made aware of the faulty intelligence he received in respect to the Syrian chemical weapons incident in early April. And yet, he spoke directly of this as if to communicate, that it doesn't really matter about the realities of the situations.

You may or may not be developing or using WMD's but either way, if you are significantly off reservation in whatever way, we will handle the situation like we handled Iraq... see how great it's turning out for the Iraqis. btw... I'm personally still unsure of whether Iraq did or did not have the wmds fwiw I've heard so many reports.

It's no longer 2001-2003 and we will see how this turns out. I do believe this "tough talk" on the heels of some major shots across the bow of the USS petrodollar make for incredible geopolitical drama.

Even without the potential for reinstatement... this end of summer/beginning of fall is likely to be history making.

JJonesmx » September 20th, 2017

Shut the front door ...Blessings to you WS....

Snip... “This workshop comes at a very important time is the insistence of Iraqi banks to open up to regional and international banks and enhance confidence between them to reflect positively on the banking sector," said Wadih al-Hanal, head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, during the workshop”

Rich4hyip » September 20th, 2017

wow, it couldn't said any more clearer they are about to be connected internationlly.

Walkingstick » September 20th, 2017

Association of Private Banks organizes a workshop on safety requirements for financial transfer systems

On Wednesday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized a workshop in cooperation with KMPG International on the safety requirements of financial transfer systems and was attended by 100 employees of Iraqi and foreign banks operating in Baghdad.

"This workshop comes at a very important time is the insistence of Iraqi banks to open up to regional and international banks and enhance confidence between them to reflect positively on the banking sector," said Wadih al-Hanal, head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, during the workshop.

He added that "compliance with the requirements of safety requirements in the financial transfer systems will show the extent of the commitment of the Iraqi banking sector to apply the latest international standards in the banking sector and will contribute to strengthen the positions of Iraqi banks to establish relationships with correspondent banks," noting that "the presence of the Central Bank for most workshops held by the Association of Private Banks A significant indication of its importance because it is part of its strategy to be implemented during the next five years

Sirenfire » September 20th, 2017

WOOOHOOO WE R FINALLY CATCHING UP!!!!! To the current news stuff. I wonder if we are still 9-10 days behind in News still...HMMMM

Samson » September 20th, 2017

Parliament sends an urgent letter to the government to demand payment of dues to farmers

20th September, 2017

The Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Water and Marshlands MP Frat Tamimi, on Wednesday, sent a letter to Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the Ministries of Trade and Finance to demand the acceleration of the implementation of the amendment of the federal budget law on the payment of the benefits of farmers for the years 2014-2015-2016.

Tamimi said in a statement received by "Economy News", a copy of it, he sent "an urgent letter to the Council of Ministers Haider Abadi and the ministries of trade and finance to accelerate the implementation of the amendment of the federal budget law on the payment of the benefits of farmers for the years 2014-2015-2016.

Al-Tamimi called on the concerned parties to "interact with the writers in order to expedite the disbursement of these allocations to them in order to encourage farmers and develop the agricultural sector

Samson » September 20th, 2017

Budget 2018 .. Domestic economic reforms with international support

19th September, 2017

Said economic expert d. Salam Simeem said that "the economic reform project launched by the prime minister is part of the economic reform approved by the International Monetary Fund, which provided that there is economic reform of the Iraqi national economy until the loans are given." In a statement to the «Journal»,

said that "the preparation of the budget 2018 and its estimates must be subject to the controls of the reform adopted by the International Monetary Fund and the seriousness of the government in the reform will be after the adoption of the budget in its final form, noting the reduction of public expenditure and increase efficiency of the collection of public revenues, And taxes have been noticed in recent period increased scrutiny and activation of customs fees and the activation of non-oil revenues, which pour into the budget alongside oil.

The expert pointed out that "the government did not develop a real plan and effective economic policy, if the investment expenditures need to be linked to economic policies that encourage investment and productive activities, indicating that Iraq is still burdened with operating expenses of salaries of employees and bureaucratic circles flaccid which became inappropriate for the advanced stage of economic policy developed countries ".

Samisem said that "the balance of the region subject to the political results and what is issued by the results of the vote whether yes or no, and the rate of 17% and determine what remains within Iraq's full share while approving, pointing out that the region most affected by the exit from Iraq being geographically trapped from the countries of rejection To form a Kurdish state and the search for outlets for the export of "Kurdish" oil through Turkey rejecting him and thus Baghdad will be a winner for the share of the region 17% and will not be deducted from its general budget.

For his part, said the economic expert d. Majid al-Suri said that "the budget of 2018 must strengthen resources and maximize resources and maximize resources, non-oil and improve the system of financial management and control." He added in a statement to the «Journal», that "the most important conditions in the budget next year to reduce inflation and wages, pointing out that the current government procedures to form a committee for higher investment will lead to encourage the private sector to enter the investment and the government that allocates sufficient amounts for investment activity in Iraq in Related to investment projects in all regions of Iraq and liberated areas."

"The reconstruction of the liberated areas will be a good step to restore the hands of the unemployed, pointing out the need to fight corruption, which destroyed the body of the Iraqi government, stressing the need to close the border and exit from the administrative bureaucracy, which stood a lot of investment projects.

He added in a statement to the «Journal», that "the most important conditions in the budget next year to reduce inflation and wages, pointing out that the current government procedures to form a committee for higher investment will lead to encourage the private sector to enter the investment and the government that allocates sufficient amounts for investment activity in Iraq in Related to investment projects in all regions of Iraq and liberated areas. " He pointed to the image of the financial crisis that has accompanied the state since 2014 and now because of the oil-based rent economy and the fall in world prices led to the entry of Iraq in a financial crisis paralyzed the national economy.

He pointed out that the budget should go to investment and not operational and therefore there are serious steps for the project of economic reform launched by the Prime Minister in his reform project, adding that there is a tendency to include the private sector and lead to lead the national economy to begin closing the border in front of commodity dumping and chaotic Iraqi market until The rise of national production and the empowerment of material and moral. "

"Iraq borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank amounts of up to 5 billion dollars and the Fund announced a project to reform the economic situation in Iraq by raising the size of the investment budget for the operation," said Najiba Najib, a member of the committee, , Indicating that "the recommendations made by the Fund will be included in the draft budget." She added that "the budget is still in the preparation and will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to vote and submitted to the House of Representatives for approval

Saleh said in a press statement that "the budget of 2018 tends to maximize non-oil resources whenever possible, and the direction of the state is to encourage employment through the private sector and develop programs to lend young people soft loans to enable them to engage in the labor market." He added that "this budget is in the semi-final preparation, and will be presented to the Council of Ministers next month according to constitutional times."

Saleh stressed that "the deficit problem should be addressed in order to ensure the continuation of economic activity and reallocation of resources in the budget, and this is what we are working for."

"We are consulting with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a theme called financial consolidation, reducing spending, maximizing resources, sustainability of debt sustainability within economic limits and maximizing revenues," he said.

Don961 » September 20th, 2017

Stability and confidence in the banking system

Since 2017-09-19 at 15:40 (Baghdad time)

The talk about the manifestations of compactness takes various dimensions in Iraq. Between the coinage in kind such as gold or gold occupied (Almkhshalat) jewelry and precious valuables and the compactness of the Iraqi dinar, which accounts for about 77 percent of the currency exported outside the Central Bank of Iraq as well as foreign currency.

The national economy is losing one of its strength factors by shifting its savings, which support the cycles of income and production, to leakage in the income cycle, or weaken the chances of production and economic activity.

The demand for money or money-like forms of money for hedging purposes only, or its designation as a term, is also applied to the request for criticism for purposes of theoretical intervention and an assessment of the role of risk in the behavior of monetary demand.

Accordingly, the history of Iraqi banking during the last century has witnessed the phenomena of exchanging gold in paper currency by placing gold as a hostage in goldsmiths or moneylenders for an interest rate. The demand for money here helps ensure that gold is taken out of cash leaks into the spending cycle and economic activity, but market instruments are illegal. Demand for cash is for transaction purposes, but income cycles are not necessarily complete and do not lead to real economic equilibrium.

The modern economic history of Iraq, especially in the sixties of the last century, began the establishment of a government bank called the Mortgage Bank as a legal and legal alternative to the phenomenon of moneylenders and the whole illegal market in the provision of cash loans secured by gold; the Bank of mortgages in the practice of providing cash loans for retention of gold that is in the possession of the borrower Until the maturity date of the loan or repayment against interest charged by the Mortgage Bank to cover the operating costs and part of the risk of fluctuation of the value of the same security from the liquid or gold coins occupied.

But unfortunately the bank canceled the bank in the early seventies of the last century for reasons I do not really know. In spite of this, the banks remained in a semi-banking relationship with customers in providing some services. Banks or personal bank vaults remained available to citizens and were available for use within each bank, especially the government, especially the Rafidain and Rashid banks. Gold and its valuable assets and important documents in those protected hotspots for a wage and a 100% security rate for a monthly or annual fee.

The absence of this safe service cut off one of the bonds between the citizen and the bank as an entity that preserves the wealth of society and creates an atmosphere of direct links between individuals and banks.

In conclusion, I call on the Central Bank of Iraq to proceed with the study of granting a license to an Iraqi bank for mortgages (mortgage gold occupied for monetary money), which strengthens bank credit and turns the quasi-fortified wealth into a guarantor force in generating demand for money for purposes of transactions and support economic activity,

and promised this one of the channels In addition to maximizing the atmosphere of confidence between the banks and the non-believers to receive their gold and other precious valuables in safe vaults at the banks for easy wages, stressing at the same time the importance of starting the activity of Daman Alu Aia that the audience is looking forward to it soon to check on banking and Diath risk exposure of banks and failures. link

Wake up Call: Horus via Nancy Tate 9-20-17

I am Horus, and I wish to share with all of you the upcoming presence of the beautiful beings who are coming up from inner earth. They will be coming and being a part of several events that will be coming your way in many ways. These events will be in place to remind you of the power you have to bring about what it is that you desire to have happen. It will be as if you had long ago forgotten to bring what you desired into your life, because it was something that you had to rely on others to do for you.

I am telling you now that the reminders are already in place and you will be shown how and where to find them. There will be many events that will be the epitome of how you have once been in the power to bring about what you desire in the instant that you desired them. You will begin to realize that your ability for manifestation is within, and it can be activated in a second.

As you begin to see this in your lives and others you will know why you have gone through the evolutionary process that you chose to experience. You will see how realistic it is now to bring about that which you used to regard as being everyday, and everyway in a place of sameness for you. What you chose to do in this duality experience is to show yourselves how you can get caught up in an everyday kind of life, rather than being able to go forth from your inner ability to create anything that you get inspired to do.

It is a matter of bringing the truth of your power to the front once again, and being able to go forth in the universe and create in a way that is unleashed, and has the ability to create anything that has purpose in your lives, even if it seems to be just another way of creation. It can mean that you have given yourselves a new beginning in your expression, and you can go forth from that and create whatever you feel inspired to do. It is a matter of seeing the openness of what can be in front of you, and going forth from that. Take your time and make it open. Take your sleep and awaken it to a new awareness of what it means in the space of no time. Look at it in a way that speaks of your ability to go forth and materialize that which you may not even have pictured as the thing that you saw in your inner thoughts and feelings.

It is just the beginning now that you are all in. It is the beginning of what you are capable of and what will be materializing from the actions you take, from the choices you make, and from the creativity that you choose to use in your movements and thoughts. It is a matter of those events that are coming giving you back the ideas you once had of how to be the Loving beings that you came from. It is then going to bring to you the inspiration for the next moves and creations in your lives to send you on a flowing journey into the next phase of your lives.

I go now and sit to observe what it is that you bring into your lives in the instant of the next thoughts and feelings you have. I look forward to the occasion in which we will all be re-united. Till then, we are already back in the oneness that we shared in the Inner and Hollow Earth, as the progression toward the duality came into place. We are now on the outskirts of returning to your knowledge of your true selves. I am smiling as I communicate to you through this one to give you an idea of what you will be creating in the coming instances of your power of Creation. Love is the greatest thing there is to activate the power of creation forever.

Thank you dear Horus,

Love to you and all of Life!

Much Love, Nancy Tate

"Weather Update Jose/Maria 11 AM" by Miss Bright-eyed - 9.20.17

Entry Submitted by Miss Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed at 11:25 AM EDT on September 20, 2017

Hi everyone,

I went to around 11:00 am est today. Hurricane Jose is still intersecting the NE coastline from North Carolina all the way up to Halifax, Nova Scotia with wind speeds around 44 knots (50 mph). Hurricane Maria is right on top of Puerto Rico - Philip Tilton's residence (Outlaw Group Conference Call) with wind speeds fluctuating between 69 – 78 knots (80 – 90 mph).

I would like to thank all the Light Workers for keeping Jose's wind speed low for the last couple of days. How convenient that Maria is hovering over Puerto Rico, the day Philip Tilton has his conference call. That's it, the bullying stops now! It's time to give this raggedy sea hag her walking papers!

LIGHTWORKERS, DISSOLVE THIS HURRICANE!!! Know that your voices will be heard! KNOW that your THOUGHTS create your REALITY! LET'S GO!!!!

Miss Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed

"True Leadership, Sovereign Power and the Cabal" by Restive Sage - 9.20.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 11:02 AM EDT on September 20, 2017

Who and what is the cabal? What is the nature and structure of this elite umbrella control mechanism on planet earth? What is its historical roots? Will it have any power after the GCR? How did so much concentrated power wind up in the hands of a masterful few at the expense of the many?

These are questions we should address as we move forward.

Heaven and earth for many millennia placed someone OVER mankind. Human workers, craftsmen, serfs and slaves needed direction, guidance, discipline and should at all times obey the laws and rules of society. If war occurs, they are required to enlist and fight as soldiers. True power in olden times was the province of strong well-trained military forces led by skilled generals. The uneasy need of a monarch to command the support of his military has been the undying story of history. That is to say: once the monarch and his elite cohort loses the respect of the military, the monarch is deposed. Ad infinitum. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, after the fact

In Europe, it was called "the Divine Right of Kings". This was a principle that linked governance to the church's tandem. A difficult and dichotomous ruling mechanism. The concept of "we the people" needing or being forced to recognize a sovereign "master" individual as king or queen never was only occasionally questioned in fits and spurts. Then came the so-called Age of Enlightenment, basically the 1700s. Late in that century, there occurred the momentous American Revolutionary War, which led to a victory over the British king and the formulation of a very unique new nation. It had no monarchy.

A few short years later, there was the French Revolution. The king and queen were first imprisoned and then beheaded, along with a hefty percentage of the French nobility. The largest, wealthiest, and perhaps the most sophisticated and cultured country in Europe was in dire turmoil. It was not just a coup d'etat, it was class warfare throughout the entire country...a very bloody period indeed. This revolution was not just against the monarchy, however, it was also against the Vatican. As a catholic country with a high percentage of the people loyal to the church, the revolutionary furor turned the new government against the church's leadership and its landowner positions. Ultimately they seized from the church all its vast titular holdings. It stripped the cardinals, bishops and local clergy of almost all political power. Government became entirely secular. After several years of sheer terror, with little regard for law and order, the country began to fall apart. In the power vacuum arose a rising star military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. As he won victory after victory against the European Coalition that rose up to defeat France, his power grew. He subjugated Spain, Italy, Austria and most of the German states. Realizing he had won over the French people he eclipsed the revolutionary regime in power and crowned himself Emperor of France. The French, for all their bloody internecine struggles, had ultimately traded a king for an emperor. Momentously, Napoleon was a few years later defeated on the battlefield and eventually exiled to a small island in the South Atlantic called St. Helena. And there he died.

After Napoleon, there was 99 years of relative peace in Europe. It was a period of almost unbelievable cultural and technological achievement. Like the centuries before it, its gains fell heavily on the backs of the peoples in colonized countries all over the world. Despite all gains, jingoism was rampant. In 1914, WWI broke out.

Social philosophy is an interesting subject. As the world's population has grown, new theories of governance and the relationship of an individual to the state or monarch have emerged. The later years of Napoleonic rule in France, oddly enough, coincide with what we call "The Industrial Revolution". The advent of a cascade of new inventions and sources of power began and has continued decade upon decade. The implications of the rapid expansion of human knowledge and scientific achievement are so vast and so all-encompassing that we are actually still in the grips of its impact. The impact to our daily lives and to mankind's governance will only increase, Power must now be shared, by the monarchs and the generals, with those who command the science and intellectual prowess of mankind. In our era, a penniless pauper with no political connections and no particular religion can create an invention that transforms the entire balance of power of the entire world. This possibility has led to Science being secured as much as possible by the most elite power groups of the 20th and 21st century. That struggle continues and becomes more magnified with each passing year. It is no longer the size of your military or the acumen of your general that is command of Science that rules. So far, the elitists, with their monetary and political power and the generals who serve them, have done a "good" job of confiscating the Science and adapting it to further their power. We live in this kind of world.

So great is the power now of Science that it threatens to announce either a bold new era for humanity or our total enslavement forever. Its proper use, based of the laws of the universe itself and not just those of this little planet, has now reached the critical mass stage. Our level of Science is far more advanced than the common man has been allowed to know. New discoveries 50 and 60 years ago as to the more advanced relationship between energy and matter, far beyond basic fission and fusion, were made. And this category of knowledge has compounded decade by decade since then. Discoveries about the nature of electrical energy, magnetic resonance, gravity/levitation, quantum mechanics and inter-dimensional shifts are far more advanced than most of us realize. The body of knowledge is so advanced now that it is opening all manner of portals that challenge our old understandings of the laws of physics. It is the political control mechanism for science at this hyper-advanced level that the political leadership and the generals must now manage for the good of all on this planet. It is an awesome responsibility. Somehow, some way, we must see that it is never abused.

There is far more going on around the GCR and the transition to a new economic system than we might suppose at first glance. It is actually an evolutionary change in the theoretical nature of the governance mechanism itself on this planet. Economic models based on the old ideas about scarcity and monetary control are about to be discarded. A new system is about to emerge and it is largely based on the fact that the decision has been made to let Science work for us. It no longer is to be used as a control mechanism of the elites to restrain us. Who though is capable of benevolently wielding this great new power in ways that will benefit everyone.

Two lines of social philosophy converged on the eve of the Industrial Revolution around 1790 to 1810. Two advanced thinkers and writers, both avowed religionists, wrote about the mathematics of social philosophy. I have provided a brief wiki excerpt for each. In their view, when countries are well managed and thrive, their populations grow, their wealth grows. But then the rising demands of a large population creates strains on governance and the ability to feed and provide jobs for the rising population Population will roughly double every 25-30 years in times of prosperity. Thus, success is somewhat self defeating and even leads to huge social problems. While the logic of both was valid for an era of scarcity, their social philosophies pre-dated the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of new inventions. Man's ability to feed himself grew by leaps and bounds. This of course forced a critical revision to their thinking and they are both in the main considered obsolete in economic circles, even reviled to a degree. However, the mathematics of it all, however cold, must always be considered as to its potential impact on governance.

Hong Liangji was a Chinese scholar, statesman, political theorist, and philosopher.He was most famous for his critical essay directed to the Jiaqing Emperor, which resulted in his banishment. Hong's criticism of the Emperor in the early nineteenth century focused on the emperor's failure to weed out corrupt officials or reform the bureaucracy that had allowed certain elitist elements to secure undue wealth and power. Although the punishment for his transgression was originally decapitation, it was subsequently lessened to banishment. Later, the emperor commuted Hong's sentence and pardoned him completely in hopes of ending a drought.Hong felt that political activism and remonstrance was part of his Confucian duty, as many other oriental philosophers of his time did. He was concerned with such issues as population control, geography, the Chinese classics, and government corruption. He is somewhat infamous now for critically re-evaluating the common Chinese assumption that a growing population was the sign of a good government.

He is best remembered for his essay Zhi Ping Pian" which translates to "On Governance and Well-being of the Empire" . It is a treatise on population growth and its sociopolitical consequence, in which he raised many of the same issues that were raised by Malthus' writing during the same period in England. In Zhi Ping Pian, Hong points to the tension between the growth of the means of subsistence and a growing population. He writes that the tension would be relieved by disasters, famine, and plagues.

Hong's work was in part inspired by the fact that the Chinese population by 1790 had tripled from 100 million in 1651–1661) to 300 million. The population boom resulted in a series of socioeconomically problems, and caused concerns among the Mandarins. The Chinese Emperor expressed his worry to the court officials that the resources might not be able to support the growing population. Two years later, Hong published Zhi Ping Pian. Hong pointed out that government can mediate the problem by policies like adjusting taxes, encouraging colonization, and enhancing the social safety net. However, he expresses his concern about the limits of human policy in addressing such an inherent structural dilemma.

Thomas Robert Malthus was a British cleric and scholar who wrote about the same issues in social philosophy, roughly at the same time. He became famous for his somewhat sterile, mathematical assessment of human existence and the challenges posed by population growth versus the ability of the world to produce enough food. Heavily debated, his views nevertheless has influenced many other thinkers ever since

Their views and conclusions were not shared by all of the economists and social philosophers of their own era. Those who differed with them became known in Europe under the derisive term "cornucopians". This referred to the sense that they were essentially plagued by the romantic notion that mankind would somehow always adapt to the stresses of population growth by its inventive spirit and its ability to enhance its governmental models to meet the needs of rising populations. Over time, the "cornucopians" gained the upper hand in the popular sense and were to an extent vindicated in the modern era by the massive rise in human productivity of the last 150 years. Their philosophy was aided by advances in science and machinery and the capacity for greater and greater food production. However, as the earth's population has now grown to about 7.8 billion people new considerations of this classic economic debate must be addressed. Modern social philosophers and economists have long had to deal with the our era's most glaring and emergent issue. It is this: modern science would allow us to feed the world's entire population three times over, but obsolete and ignoble banking, monetary and trade models act as a restraining mechanism. This is the most glaring humanistic travesty of the modern age. What it actually says: we will not feed the lesser people...because they cannot pay for the food. And even if we do feed them, then they will have little incentive then to work. I ask : Is this a "principle" we can admire? Is this something we all must endure going forward. Is that what our world of incarnated souls must subscribe to. And who are "the lesser people".

I would say that this obviously inane "principle" is about to be challenged and quashed. In fact it is self-evident that the old model has failed and that we are now in the midst of a monumental transition. It is exciting to live in interesting times, yes, but we ourselves have a role to play. Part of the transitional solution is a large-scale worldwide hydration effort. We are all honored to be part of this global jubilee. I do not think we will fail.

In 1946, a large war-devastated nation with the world's largest population had to pick itself up from the ashes. After countless centuries of living life well and cultivating balanced political governance, they found themselves with their nose in the dirt, nearly defeated by their warlike island neighbor. With the majority of their people adhering to the wonderfully expressed tenets of Confucianism and Buddhism, they had enjoyed the benefits of a peaceful and increasingly wealthy culture. However, in 1936, behind in science, technology and modern implements of war, they fell victim to history. The way back was not easy, but today they have the world's second largest economy. They have one of the world's largest and most modern military juggernauts. It is a world leader in science and technology. Oddly, Japan now has a a small military by comparison. And while Japan is a top three economy, it is dominated by the cabal, with a massive national debt to show for it. China's rise has been amazing. While the communist period appears to have been a necessary step in their recovery, the country has proven what a great people can achieve under enlightened and benevolent leadership.

It is time for the entire world to move past the weighty anchors that are holding us back. The old economic models may have been part of our evolution, yes. But if they are holding us back, then the anchors must be hoisted or perhaps the chains cut. To avoid the ravages of future starvation, war and revolution, we need to embrace the transition to a new reality today. We need leaders with the widest possible field of vision. We need leaders of great intellect and wisdom. We need leaders of benevolent spirit who represent all the people, not just the world's elites.

I sense that these new leaders are in fact about to emerge to prominence. I see an old order in disarray. I see science becoming our friend, not our enemy. I sense that we ourselves will soon be making a significant contribution to a better world.

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